Japanese Perspective on the American Black Condition

Objective discussion about the black American experience through the lens of a Japanese man-

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34 Comments on Japanese Perspective on the American Black Condition

  1. For those of us who’ve spent considerable time there, we know the truth.

    So sayeth the gaijin.

    Black dudes are the only thing worse than Okinawa s and cripples.

  2. In general, he seems to grasp the situation well. If he really wants to see angry colored people, wait till they try to enforce “Work for Welfare” on their arses.

    I’ve got a rerun of “Bait Car” on the tube right now, one after the other, as they’re pulled from the car they just stole it’s the same “wachuu pull me over fo? I dinndonuffin”. They must learn that phrase while they’re still in diapers.

  3. Most informed people know the stats. The schools in this country browbeat todays youth into feeling guilty and force them to accept the black culture no matter how much hate they direct at others. This was the doing of the left.
    Most all of the wrongs done to blacks have been corrected, now it’s their turn to atone for their disgusting and depraved culture and start acting like humans.

  4. If this aversion to blacks is because of skin color then it should apply everywhere else in the world. It would be rare to find very much hostility in Europe in the treatment of blacks, they’ve gotten along well in Europe for decades, why is that?
    The one exception is the new immigrants flooding in.

  5. There are very few blacks nowadays who will read the facts and try to turn things around. It is much easier to blame “The Man”, the cops, the racist courts, etc., than try to change minds and lives. Even if a Conservative black person from their own community tries to tell them the truth, they refuse to listen and ostracize them… calling them Uncle Toms.
    Nobita would like a peaceful discussion with blacks; he won’t get this anytime soon.

  6. All I know is that 14% of the population has found the secret to acting like they’re 86%!!
    Ginned-up, Phoney “Racism” broadcast wall-to-wall 24/7 while other minorities just go about their normal business of going to work and raising their families in the land of Freedom and opportunity.

  7. show a video of blacks discussing Asians and you will see why this mans confused about black behavior and their angst and continued cries of racism of the usa.

    blacks are very racist towards Asians. more so than they are towards whites.

  8. blacks are very racist towards Asians. more so than they are towards whites.

    Because Asians won’t hesitate to call a spade a spade.

  9. Organgrinder said:

    “It would be rare to find very much hostility in Europe in the treatment of blacks, they’ve gotten along well in Europe for decades, why is that?”

    The difference is their population density. A white society may survive the presence of blacks only if their numbers stay below a certain threshold. In the areas of the United States they have destroyed, they are the majority. It seems that they start their viral like destructiveness when they exceed 20 to 25% of the population. In Great Britain today, blacks constitute about 3% of the population. In France, about the same. In Germany, about 1%. In Italy, less than 1%. Portugal has insignificant numbers of Africans, but they constituted about 10% of the population in 1550, when Portugal was at the height of their historical arc. The subsequent miscegenation of the population has made today’s Portugal a stagnant nation, one of the poorest and most backward in Europe. Plus, there is no way to really estimate blacks in the EU thanks to illegal and state sanctioned importation of the deadly black virus.

  10. Organgrinder brings up an interesting point about blacks in Europe. I just snagged this off the internets because it says what I want to say and I don’t have to write it out:

    “There are several different ways of looking at the slave trade, but one of the most common descriptions of it is the triangular trade. European merchants brought goods to Africa to trade with the Africans who controlled the slave trade in Africa. They traded these goods for slaves which they then brought to the Americas and traded for cotton, sugar, rum and other goods from the Americas that were generally produced with slave labor.” ~kapokkid

    Why, then, are blacks not still protesting and holding the rest of Great Britain hostage over their part in buying and selling their ancestors, the Africans. Why aren’t they looting and burning down their mother ship, African nations, for setting up the slave trade?

  11. I finally had an opportunity to watch this video and I have two observations.

    Numero Uno, most the comments here are not relevant to the video.

    Numero Dos, the word Black could have easily been swapped with the word Liberal and it would have made just as much sense.

  12. No Brad, all blacks may be liberal but not all liberals are black.
    In addition, many of the comments are EXACTLY relevant to the video.

    The sad thing is where he quoted FBI statistics and I immediately didn’t trust them.

    One more observation, if Japanese and Americans can let go of WWII, why can’t black folk SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT SLAVERY?!

  13. ” all blacks may be liberal but not all liberals are black.”

    We have conservative blacks here. I have friends that are conservative blacks. This is counter productive and somewhat insulting for American Conservative Blacks.

  14. Don’t worry Brad, “American Conservative Blacks” are used to being insulted.

    I suppose it is cool for you to insult most of the iotwers that posted comments on this thread though?

  15. @AbigailAdams; Because Britain has already chosen the race/faith they’re going to surrender to (Islam) and Africa hasn’t any money.

    The Japanses fellow has a point in that nobody dislikes blacks or discriminates based on the skin color but rather on what that skin color represents. I know, sounds a little confused but whites and asians nowadays (rather then 15 or 20 years ago) might disengage from Blacks based on the statistics and behaviour of the urban gangs as a form of self-protection and not racism. If blacks would be honest with themselves and liberals would stop the propaganda that allows blacks off the hook by blaming slavery and white racism for the existing problems and let them clean up their own house then others would not feel the need to disengage.

    Finally everytime I listen, watch or read about a black blaming whites and especially the slave trade for their problems I wish somebody would ask what their citizenship was worth bearing in mind that without the slave trade (and the suffering their ancestors endured for a few generations) they would be in Africa right now and likely living a life a damn sight worse and trying to figure out how to get to the States.. I know it’s a crazy argument but it’s no more crazy then the constant demand for reparations in it’s many forms.

  16. Loco
    WTF are talking about Snow Flake?

    “most the comments here are not relevant to the video.”

    Does that offend you? Because I can do a lot better.

  17. Loco

    It would be a total waste of my time. You seem pretty entrenched in your opinion of black people. I have better things to do.

  18. There really is nothing wrong with what this Japanese guy is saying. He brings up some very valid points. His idea of talking to liberals about racial or social issues is a bad idea and fruitless endeavor, because they rely on emotional, personal attacks and not civil, rational debate. He needs to be careful. Rabid leftists do want to physically harm him.
    Some additional thoughts. It’s very possible there are psychological issues, not environmental conditions affecting the anti-social, violent behavior many black people exhibit. For most black Americans the victimization belief system they trust has been the result of agressive socialist indoctrination with programs institutionalized by progressives. Of course, black people are responsible for their behavior. Just stating there may be additional factors that compound negative behavior.

  19. BTW, Yes, “American Conservative Blacks” like me are use to being insulted, but we really don’t appreciate being insulted by other conservatives even though we know people have preferences. Still, it would be good to know white conservatives understand we’re committed to conservatism.
    @ Bad_Brad, thanks for your support. You get it.

  20. I remember reading this post from this supposed European a long time ago about how he “didn’t understand the whole black/white thing the US has”. That’s because he never had to deal with them before. Unfortunately now though, all Europeans are learning about the nature of the Africans, as well as the Arabs. Whites and Asians must stand side by side to protect Western AND Eastern Civilization! All advocates against a world of Free Nations must be banished.

  21. I find Black conservatives to be an exception though. Most of them are on the higher end of The Bell Curve and aren’t the ones out there causing problems. Just thought I should note that.

  22. Black leaders perpetrate the mantra of victimhood to maintain their positions of power. Where would Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton be without the cries of racism? Neither exhibit any signs of intelligence or leadership, but all they have to do is show up and scream racism, and the donations keep pouring in. They thrive on manufactured racism.

  23. ItsOkToBeWhite said:

    I find Black conservatives to be an exception though. Most of them are on the higher end of The Bell Curve and aren’t the ones out there causing problems. Just thought I should note that.

    You might also want to note that the higher IQ’d ones are lighter skinned, too. They have other races DNA so they are not stuck in the 70 to 85 range. As a matter of fact, most blacks that are celebrated by the leftists are at least mulatto or even less black admixture. Using a “not black” person as a an example of a high performing “black” is just one of the many hypocrisies of the left.

    Bad_Brad said:

    “How nice of you. When the war starts, get on the Lib side. It’s the only chance you have.”

    Libs and fighting? I don’t think so. The lib side will be hiding in a safe-space somewhere. Until they run out of coloring books to draw in.


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