Japanese Warship Located In Guadalcanal’s “Iron Bottom Sound”

The Hiei was the first battleship sunk by Allied forces during WWII. Commissioned in 1914, the 37,000 ton vessel was part of the imperial fleet’s 3rd Battleship Division.

The battle cruiser participated in many naval engagements in the early months of the Pacific War. On the night of November 13th, 1942 its steering gear was disabled by the USS San Francisco in the Battle of Guadalcanal. The crippled warship was bombed and torpedoed mercilessly the next day by American aircraft operating from Henderson Field. The great ship finally slipped under the waves the evening of the 14th taking 188 of its crew down with it.

Explorers searching for navel wrecks found Hiei upside down and resting Northwest of Savo Island this week. More

The battle cruiser is but one of many wrecks left in what has been called “Iron Bottom Sound” between Savo and Guadalcanal.

7 Comments on Japanese Warship Located In Guadalcanal’s “Iron Bottom Sound”

  1. Dr. Tar
    I think I’ve told you this before but I love the stuff you post. Especially stuff like this. On another note, how fitting is it that the USS San Fransisco attacked this ship from behind.

  2. The story described that this ship was found as a result of the effort that was initiated by the late Paul Allen. He was a good guy and his passing is a genuine loss. On top of his natural curiosity and his ability to fund whatever his imagination could come up with, he supported conservative politicians in the state of Washington and even donated money to help them win and stay in office.

  3. The thought of those terrified Nips drowning like rats is a happy thought. I hope they found claw marks around the windows of the ship.
    On the ground at Guadalcanal the Japs tortured captured American Servicemen at night, their screams were heard by their buddies, but that was the point.


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