Jason Miller Responds to Bush and Obama Attacks on Trump: Thanks for the $20 Trillion in Debt You Left Behind

[…] Boyle noted some rather thinly veiled attacks against President Trump from former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush over the past few days and said it was unusual for former presidents to criticize the current occupant of the Oval Office in this manner.

“First I’d say to the former presidents, thank you very much for the $20 trillion in debt that we’ve been left behind,” Miller said with dry sarcasm. “I think it would be tough to say that their presidencies were successful all the way across the board.”

“It’s a good reminder that not only did President Trump defeat the Democratic establishment in the general election this past year, he also defeated the Republican establishment in the primaries,” he said. “As long as he’s in Washington and fighting for his agenda, and America First, and everything that he’s trying to do, that the entrenched powers are going to come after him. I think this is something that the president and this current White House is now starting to realize, is that change is hard. It doesn’t come easy. They’ve got to stay after it every day.”   The entire article is at Breitbart.

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  1. I think having a warrior AG who thinks nothing of clearing the temple of justice, so to speak, and then ruthlessly cleaning out all the careerists who are loyal to personalities or are just damaged goods from having worked under institutionalized, bad habits of law, who would unabashedly enforce the law against all law-breakers no matter who they are, would go a long way toward putting the Establishment back on their heels. Offense, rather than defense would break this cycle of the Established beltway “going after” Trump on a daily basis. Then start punishing, lawfully, the media for their dishonesty. Then go after the public schools for breaking the law regarding free speech. Just systematically go after all these entities who think they have the upper hand. Listening to Jordan Peterson the other day and he said something that had an immutable ring of truth to it, that when the truth is spoken, it carries an indisputable sense of rightness that people cannot help agreeing with and championing. Now, when someone says the truth of something, we are startled over it and think that person is brave to be truthful.

  2. Those clowns are in such a bubble of isolation they have no idea how they are viewed by the public. I only hope that their stories are not written by leftist historians and they can review their destructive decisions and understand why they’re despised.

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