Javad Zarif isn’t smiling anymore

Patriot Retort: Nobody was happier than Javad Zarif when the Obama Administration forced through the Iran Deal.

In practically every picture, Zarif – Iran’s Foreign Minister – was smiling like the cat who ate the canary.



I even wrote about it at the time in a post titled Why is this man smiling:

Wouldn’t you be smiling if you too made the President of the United States your personal butt monkey?

I’m sure as I type this, the chants of “Death to America! Death to America!” are ringing out through the streets of Tehran.

In 1979 Iran only managed to hold fifty-two Americans hostage.

Thanks to Obama and Kerry, now Iran holds the entire world hostage.

Wouldn’t you be smiling too?

Well, Javad Zarif isn’t smiling anymore.  MORE

9 Comments on Javad Zarif isn’t smiling anymore

  1. What would this ass wipe know about medieval times? He’s stuck in the stone age with the rest of the Muslims in Iran. They should all be struck dead for what they have done to a once rich and proud civilization and country that thrived under true Iranians and not muslim puds like him, Rouhani, The Ayatolla.

  2. As much money as Obama gave these fools, they should be smiling, as they fund terrorism world-wide. Thanks again Barry, you traitor !

    Barry, you closing the door of the whitehouse when you left was the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard.

  3. Since she lost thank god and Trump won I’m now optimistic enough to think the day will come when Javad Zarif and the thugs he works for go the way of Moummar Ghadaffi. Which, come to think of it, is kind of like the way Mussolini went but with more violence and extreme buggery added in. With any luck it will happen while Obama is visiting his pals and he could get the same, well earned, treatment.

  4. @organgrinder: “Don’t forget to give proper recognition to Obama’s little helper Senator Bob Corker.”

    Don’t forget valerie jarrett, who is iranian by birth (Shiraz, Iran, 1956). She is presently single/divorced and lives with obama. Probably helping keep thing sharia compliant.
    “FBI files obtained by the government watchdog group Judicial Watch reveal that the father, maternal grandfather, and father-in-law of President Barack Obama’s closest adviser, Valerie Jarrett, “were hardcore Communists under investigation by the U.S. government.”

  5. And extra special thanx to hussein obama for all the secret ‘side deals’ of that agreement. The public, and probably most of government, doesn’t even know what the agreement is. Iran won’t have spontaneous inspections (28 day notice), and then they will perform their own inspections. Yeah, give me more of that deal. Toss it right in the bin.
    “One of the side deals reportedly involved Iran’s mysterious Parchin military complex, which was suspected of conducting nuclear weapons activity in 2004.
    “The details of that deal showed unprecedented concessions by the U.S. to Iran which basically allowed Iran to be its own inspector at the Parchin facility,”


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