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  1. I have a friend who played with him twice. We were eating in the Martha Inn in George WA and he disappeared (the promotor’s people were in a panic)… only to return looking like he had just eaten a box of powdered sugar and… let’s just keep the embarrassing part off the internet.

    He can be meaner than a snake, but can also be a hell of a performer.

  2. If you were an alien and came across the Voyager spacecraft in interstellar space and heard this played on the special disc with greetings from Earth what would you think? I like the song, always have but would the aliens like it as well or think we’re a bunch of musical barbarians. We’ll have to wait and see if ever they hear it. Thank God they didn’t put Slim Whitman singing on that disc, that could lead to war.

  3. I have been a Hank fan for 70 years. 64/3 yeqrs ago folks in the West said Chuck was just a black Hank. Chuck was well educated; Hank could neither read nor write music. He “played by ear”. Chuck wrote a “msg song” about ’58 or ’59 to let folk know he was a learned musicologist. ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN! The msg was recieved 5×5. Never again heard Chuck compared to Hank.

    I think both men were great!

  4. Chuck Berry, conicted of the Mann act was not a good person. Yes, he was talented, but a real creep. He must have beena good business man. He would not take the stage unless he was paid in full. He also booted any back up band member who tried to upstage him. Ray Charles, another fine entertainer was cheated when he first started playing. He was paid in cash and learned many promoters were crooks. He had to be paid in one dollar bills.

  5. “Could you imagine pelosi and cortex in strobe lighting?”
    Well I did try to imagine it, and I’ll thank you never to try and traumatize me again.

  6. Nobody gives him his due credit for being a trend setting philanthropist……He taught millions of crippled ducks to walk…..

  7. He walked over and unplugged Steve Fossen and told him to STFD. For that alone he has my up vote. He is one hell of a performer, I’ve seen him live a half-dozen times and four of them I either was with backup musicians or had all access passed I got from a buddy that owned Avalanche Concert Lighting. I got all access tickets to anything I wanted to see back then, but didn’t take him up on the offer very often. Got to meet some first rate assholes and quite a few that were really nice guys, there were a couple that made Chuck seem like someone you might want to invite over to dinner though.

  8. I live not far from the restaurant that he owned in Wentzville, MO. One evening while helping my SIL replace break pads, he stopped at the end of the driveway and asked me for directions on how to get out of the subdivision. My brush with a famous person.
    My almost killing (or at least severely injuring) Wilt Chamberlain is another story.

  9. Slim Whitman would be like a border wall or a bug zapper.
    Combine both and we win!
    Damn that would not cost that much more now, and would increase the ASCPA services required while reducing unemployment to even more record lows.

  10. 2nd time Slim Whitman saved the US from invading Aliens –
    !996 – Independence Day. If not for Slim’s yodeling causing the invader’s heads to implode, just think how worse off we’d be today?


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