JD Vance announces Ohio senate campaign on Tucker Carlson

PM: Venture capitalist and best-selling author JD Vance joined Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson on Thursday to announce his plan to run for Senate from the state of Ohio. He intends to enter the Republican primary.

“I think what we need in Washington is people who understand how the elites plunder this country and then blame us for it in the process,” Vance said. “We need people in Washington, DC, who know how the system works, who know how to reform that system and can make this country better. And that’s why I’m running to be your next us Senator for the state of Ohio.”

“I care about this country and I care about the state, Tucker. If you think about the entire trajectory of American life over the last 30, 40 years, you have elites and the ruling class that have plundered this country, that have made it harder for middle-class Americans to live a normal life,” Vance said.

“And when those Americans dare to complain about the conditions of their own country, if they dare to complain about the Southern border or about jobs getting shipped overseas, what do they get called?” Vance asked. “They get called racist. They get called bigots, xenophobes, or idiots. They need somebody who’s willing to speak for them. Who’s willing to fight for them.” more

Website: https://jdvance.com/

8 Comments on JD Vance announces Ohio senate campaign on Tucker Carlson

  1. This primary it is time to take the gloves off. This candidate for OH Senate gets it. Come out hard and strong and dont back down

  2. Mandel, Timken are absolutely products of the GOP establishment, you don’t get elected in Ohio without the good ol’ boys giving you the nod. Are they beholden to the establishment they’ve been a part of? Would they follow a RINO like McCONnell, likely. I like Mandel, but I’ll take a hard look at Vance and other up-starts.
    I prefer a political outsider Vs the good ol’ boy syndicate.

    Ohio’s present Senators, Brown a Democrat Socialist and Portman a nearly worthless republican RINO. Right now any candidate is better than either present Senator.

  3. Vance is a product of Donald Trump’s legacy. Loves this country, see’s what the elite oligarchs have done to it, want’s to give his children what he had growing up, and is willing to sacrifice his own comfort and get bloodied and bruised in order to do it.

    He is joining MJT and Lauren Boebert in the Trump movement, and I believe
    there will be many more who will also step up Thank you President Trump for taking the slings and arrows.


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