Jealous ex gets man deported


NYDN: A Kansas man with a pending application for a visa was deported Friday after a jealous ex-girlfriend reportedly gave his name to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Serafin Alegria-Zamora was allegedly targeted by a woman he formerly had a relationship with despite moving on and even starting a family, the Kansas City Star reports.

The Mexican national’s alleged stalker would send him photos of dead children and targeted his common-law wife by sending her an image of herself with a bull’s-eye placed on her head.

Upon finding out that the 37-year-old man’s partner was pregnant, the ex-girlfriend reportedly mailed the couple a package with a note reading, “Back off b—h, Serafin is mine” along with a doll covered in red paint.  read more

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  1. Now if we can only find 40+ million jealous ex-girlfriends scattered around the country maybe we can start making a dent in our illegal invasion numbers!

  2. Never done anything wrong other than illegal reentry and misusing (stealing) social security number. Bye bye crook!

  3. I don’t care about the reason he came to their attention.
    Deport him, he’s here illegally.

    If I were the jilted woman, I’d send him some cookies for the trip back to Mexico.

  4. @cato If you were the jilted woman you would be posting on a liberal site with the other transgenders. Glad you’re here.

  5. Rank amateur, this one has her beat:

    Enraged, Javier said she went to a shopping mall and purchased a samurai sword.

    She said she then spent the next week stewing and plotting her violent revenge.

    “I thought I was going to stab him while he was sleeping,” Javier told police, according to the affidavit.

    Her anger peaked Friday night when Lovell returned home and ignored her, Javier said. Around 9 p.m., she went into the couple’s bedroom, where she had taped the samurai sword and two knives to her side of the bed, the police report shows.

  6. Many years ago I trained my wife to handle and use pistols, shotguns and edged weapons. After training and much practice we bought her her own pistol (and a few more later), a shotgun and a couple of knives.

    Like most “normal” males, I can be distracted momentarily by a beautiful face or an attractive form but Never thought about a dating apps or straying from my life partner.

    Due to this, I’m sure my longevity was increased substantially.


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