Jeb Bush agrees that 9/11 happened due to Bush/Clinton immigration policies

AmericanThinker: Donald Trump took a lot of heat for implying that George W. Bush was responsible for failing to prevent 9/11. (He didn’t say it outright, saying merely that it happened on Bush’s watch, but I think it was clearly implied.) He said that our porous immigration system was partially responsible for the attacks.

illegal-alien-border-drone-cardigan-And as it turns out, Jeb Bush agrees:

….a review Jeb Bush’s 2013 book Immigration Wars reveals that Jeb Bush himself agreed with Trump’s argument and admitted that our “leaky” immigration policy was responsible for the attack.

Bush wrote:

In addition to the Mexican drug cartels, the fact that several of the 9/11 terrorists entered the country lawfully under a leaky immigration system has heightened national security concerns—so much so that immigration enforcement has been placed under the Department of Homeland Security.

Whose leaky immigration system was that? Well, for years it was Clinton, but for eight months afterwards it was George W. Bush’s.

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  1. Great link, Brad. Rush Limbaugh just talked abut it too.

    It’s amazing how often Trump says something that, at least initially, cause cognitive dissonance in the old cabeza, but then you go “ya know, dammit, he’s right!”

    Even when he says something that seems provocative, he only does it because HE KNOWS HE CAN BACK IT UP!

    He’s playing three level chess and Yeb! is struggling with checkers.

    So for those of you who are still holding out, or doubt his seriousness, let me share a few thoughts about where I think all of this is at, at this point…

    This isn’t just a campaign. Not anymore. Whether Mr. Trump envisioned it or not (and I lean towards believing that he did) this has become a full blown American Movement now.

    If you also believe, as I do, that America is balanced on a precipice, who else among the already declared, right or left, stands a snowball’s chance in hell of accomplishing even one of the major reforms that would, as Trump promises, “Make America Great Again”?

    Really, who? Ted Cruz? I love ed. But aside from Mike Lee, he can’t even persuade REPUBLICANS to stand with him! And don’t even get me started on how much women loath him.

    Nope. Here’s the straight dope.

    If any of the others prevail, there will be no wall built. There will be no deportations of illegals. No meaningful revisions to our tax code. No slashing of useless, harmful agencies. No meaningful progress on health care.

    Nothing, nada, except more of the usual, endless tinkering around the edges of the Federal Leviathan by new “Republican” managers who will replace the current Democrats, only ever so slightly slowing our demise.

    The fact that the man is drawing his energy from outside of the Washington power structure is what is most exciting about our prospects with him. And I believe that righting America will be the capstone to his monumental life. Consider, this is a proud man. His legacy will be at stake. He will not fail.

    If the goal is major systemic improvement in short order, since time is not on our side, there is only one choice.

    And we’re damn lucky to have him.

  2. So hilarious to watch and listen to all the smarty-pants pundits who thought their crystal ball had more special-er powers.

    The Donald seems to be batting perfection:

    1. Criminal illegals — stats bear it out
    2. Anchor babies — Previous monkey business with the 14th A.
    3. Mexico pay for the wall — Renegotiate the trade imbalance/address the Mexican drug cartel’s damage to U.S.
    4. Immigration problems pre-911 are part of the bush/clinton legacy.

    And top it all off with even lower ratings for the “scum” (Trump’s word) media, and it’s going to be a very entertaining fall/winter.

  3. Chief — bingo! Now all he has to do is bring up the U.N. and dumping them/running them out of the country and Melania can start working on the seating arrangement at the inaugural.

  4. Don’t forget renegotiating the lop sided idiotic trade deals we currently have. Personally, that’s number two on the list for me. Sooner or later some idiot will attack Trump for not being in favor of Fair Trade. I can’t wait for that accusation and Trumps response.

  5. Ahh, the throwing the U.N. out of the USA by the seat of their pants card. That’s smart political advice!

    Maybe he’s just keeping his powder dry on that one. That might be handy to launch, say, a few weeks before the Iowa caucus.

    Imagine the simultaneous cranial explosions happening world-wide from the international Utopians!!!


  6. From listening to Trump’s stump (I listen to every speech he gives), it is becoming clear that he is no fan of ME “migrants” coming to the U.S. And it occurred to me that unlike many Americans who are armchair enthusiasts for taking in anybody and everybody, Trump’s business activities have taken him to these hellhole countries a lot. Unlike our leftist “citizens of the world” imbeciles who would take a swig out of the Ganges for a selfie, he knows what these imports are bringing with them. He hasn’t said anything that would give the media and GOPe traction — yet, but I think it’s coming.

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