Jeb Bush: Donald Trump ‘Couldn’t Have Been Nicer’ After Bush Sr. Died

Breitbart: Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush praised President Donald Trump on Tuesday for his gracious response to the Bush family after the death of George H.W. Bush.

Jeb Bush said that Trump called him after his father died and “couldn’t have been nicer.”

Trump’s former rival for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016 spoke about his father’s death and President Trump during a Wall Street Journal event in Washington, DC.

He said that his granddaughters joined First Lady Melania Trump and other members of the Bush family on Tuesday to visit the White House and tour the Christmas decorations.

Jeb added that both the president and the first lady were “really gracious” to the family.

He acknowledged that Trump was not delivering the eulogy for his father but said that George W. Bush had “first dibs.”

“What people want to talk about is, well, why isn’t the president giving the eulogy?’” he said. “It’s because we have a unique circumstance here: my brother was president.”

Trump will attend the state funeral for George H.W. Bush which will be held on Wednesday.

SNIP: Classier than any McCain.

14 Comments on Jeb Bush: Donald Trump ‘Couldn’t Have Been Nicer’ After Bush Sr. Died

  1. A lot of people want to make Trump out as the Grinch. But president Donald Trump and his whole family have a heart of life, caring,and they are hearts of gold. Money doesn’t always destroy people. Sometimes it makes them better people.

  2. The President is a true class act. A diplomat when it is called for.
    Of course, he’s fully aware of the multi-generational corruption of this “celebrated” crime family. Jeb (please clap) is a glaring dolt.

  3. DJT couldn’t have been nicer, but congressional Dems were selling T-shirts:

    ---- GeeBee41 ----
    2018 Ultimate Tour

    --- Houston TX ---
    -- Washington DC -
    College Station TX

  4. “The measure of a man is what he does with power” Plato

    Aside from the chilly reception from the “power set” in the Presidential pew, I thought the service was handled with dignity and grace.

    Now cue McCain’s service. That the speakers who eulogized McCain took the opportunity to bash Trump from the dais, rather than honor McCain, speaks more to the measure of McCain, than Trump.

  5. I imagine, since POTUS Trump was so close to his own father and speaks so lovingly about him and his mother, that he was in a position to empathize with the Bush juniors. After the way he’s been treated by the entire Bush clan, I give him kudos for extending his graciousness. A lesser man wouldn’t have.

    (But he doesn’t have to be so nice to That Man and his wife(?) who Occupied our WH.)

  6. “SNIP: Classier than any McCain.”

    But..Meghan McCain almost caused the Behar bitch to have a coronary this week. Keep trying, Meghan.

  7. Toenex

    It’s working for me. Go to If you scroll down it’s the only jpeg visible And yes it’s important.

  8. The Bush family will find a way to bash Trump soon.

    A wink and a nod to their liberal buddies.

    Just watch…

  9. Whooped ’em AGAIN, eh Mr. Trump?

    Yeah boy… whooped ’em AGAIN…

    The Outlaw Donald Trump whoops ’em EVERY time; he’ll do it AGAIN in the voting booth in 2020, and the lamestream will CONTINUE to be stunned… AND clueless. 😉


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