Jeb Bush: Trump Didn’t Obstruct Justice, But ‘Who Cares What I Think’


Former Florida Gov. and 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush said on Thursday that he doesn’t think President Donald Trump obstructed justice.

The charge of obstruction could apply if the President interfered with the FBI’s investigation into Russian tampering in the election by firing James Comey as director of the agency in charge of the probe.

“No, I don’t, but who cares what I think,” Bush said when asked whether Trump obstructed justice at a conference at Boston College. “There is a process underway and the testimony today is not as relevant to me, in that regard, as Mr. (Special Counsel Robert) Mueller’s activity.”

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20 Comments on Jeb Bush: Trump Didn’t Obstruct Justice, But ‘Who Cares What I Think’

  1. Nobody cares what I think either. How do I leverage that into charging large speaking fees like Jeb does? Or Hillary does? It’s amazing how much those losers can profit from idiots willing to pay them.

  2. “…he should be president and stop creating all the controversies…”

    You were doing okay until you got to that part, Jeb. But thanks for at least trying to appear supportive for a minute.

  3. God and everybody know that if you would’ve run against hellary for President you would’ve lost big time and we’d be screwed because you think you’re so damned self important because you are a Bush after all and were entitled to be the next GOPEE president just like hellary thought she was going to be the democraps President. Go away Jeb, you suck!

  4. The thing is Bush is 63 right now. If Trump looks like he’s not going to run in 2020 then Bush has to contend with Pence and a host of other, younger candidates. If Trump runs and wins then the next shot Bush gets is 71 and he’ll still have to contend with Pence and others four years later. If the the Dems win he’s 75 the next time he can contend. He has to realize it’s over and his best bet is to either go quietly into the night or become a big supporter of Trump in order to get some influence in the party.

  5. Jeb is toast. He ain’t gonna run for president any more. Trump put a spear through the bush ‘dynasty’ thank God! Jeb is damaged goods, the RNC is not going to run this wimp, loser, and RINO. I think Trump has taken us around the RINO corner and we ain’t going back. We’ll see

  6. You’re right, !jeb¡
    I don’t care, I have never cared.
    When you had your pre-presidential q and a on hannity a few years back, I thought that you were dull, uninteresting and full of it. That never went away and was gradually proven to be MUCH more than true.

    Do us all a favor and head back to your guacamole bowl factory. Maybe work on a tortilla chip tray or something to go with it, either way it doesn’t matter to me.

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