Jeb! Wants you to think of him like John McCain

PersonalLiberty: Jeb Bush has been putting on a clinic when it comes to demonstrating how to say exactly the wrong thing. He’s made confusing apologies for touting amnesty while trashing anchor babies, he’s bragged to everybody that he’s got Eric Cantor on his side, and now this: He sees himself as another John McCain.  – continued

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  1. Jeb, eric Cantor got his lunch handed to him 2 years ago…He’s been neutered by the majority of We the People. So what good is having him supporting you?

  2. Oh my gosh! How blind can a person be? He, a washy-washy complying, loser, wants us to think of another wishy-washy, complying, loser, when we think of him! GADS, I think he finally got it! WE DO.

  3. “CHEB! I had some John McCain on the bottom of my shoe once, and believe me, you are NO John McCain!”

    “A CHEB! smells MUCH worse!”

  4. mcCain is a fool and will be flattered with bush’s revelation.

    I find it thoroughly satisfying that neither seem to think this is a negative thing.

    Same tired, old, GOP establishment book, different dust jacket, same embarrassing ending.

  5. Yep, Jeb just like John McLame. Would run a feckless, spine-less campaign against Billary, afraid to say anything that might offend anybody on the left, but would say plenty to piss off the base and conservatives to stay home and lose.

    Probably also means that the VP pick would be thrown under the bus as the scapegoat for defeat, much like McLame and his cronies did.

  6. The GOPe Ropers are blasting off their own feet, legs, and limbs….they just don’t get it! We despise Yeb, Rove, Rubio, McCain, McConnell, the has-been Boehner, and all present and future GOPer Old Boys Club members…to hell with them ALL!


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