Jeff Flake wanted to be Arizona’s Vladimir

Czar of Defenestration dropped a comment in the Jeff Flake compares Trump to Stalin  post about Thomas Wictor’s observation of Jeff Flake’s infatuation with Putin and power. It seems Jeff Flake is the highly impressionable attention-whoring ‘pansy’ senator from Arizona who had a one-sided bro-mance with Putin.



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  1. Seems to be a running theme with RINOs. Paul Ryan also likes to get his photos of his shirtless self out there along with bogus marathon times and exaggerated accomplishments (hiking 14ners in CO). If only these guys just went to DC, left their shirts on and enacted the agenda they actually ran and were elected on.

  2. “I felt like a pansy”. That shows a remarkable self awareness regarding how he’s viewed by others, although realizing he’s also a complete asshole will still need to be teased out of him.

  3. I reject the theory. I think he put the photo’s out there in hopes of getting professional notice in hopes of a gay magazine spread.

  4. This jerk is 100% democrat, his voting record proves it. He wanted to be in office and claimed to be republican only because he was opportunistic. He was swept in on a wave election for republicans.

  5. I can’t decide who a hate the most anymore, him or Lindsay the fag. Let’s see where these traitors line up on the continuing resolution.

  6. And Romney is standing on my very last nerve with his attempts to slander POTUS Trump. Why won’t that creep go do something useful with the rest of his life?

  7. Jeff, big fish Name may get you recognition in a small town in Arizona, but you are an embarrassment to the rest of Arizona.

  8. The mistake that open borders republican keep making is that they think they can change their tune and get support from the democrats and their base. They’re too stupid to realize that the democrat base is brainwashed to hate groups they’re told to hate; not ideas. I can’t count how many democrat acquaintances I have who hate republicans for being republicans and will always hate anyone who was ever a republican. But if you ask them if they’re okay with illegal immigration or curtailing of gun rights, over half of them would say no, but they still vote democrat because they’re fucking brainwashed morons.

    They won’t help Flake because he was a republican once; so he will always be hated. Flake is making the exact same mistake Megyn Kelly made. Conservatives will let you come to their team once you pull your head out of your ass, but progressives will hate you forever if you ever identified as a conservative. So, if you’re an insincere conservative trying to rebrand yourself as a progressive, then you’re completely fucked because those people are completely intolerant and unforgiving because that’s the only cognitively consistent position they’re allowed, i.e. to hate. Everything else shifts in the wind.

  9. I can’t wait for Jeff flake to go back to Arizona. I hope he can find a job working with the criminal illegal aliens . Picking fruit and vegetables . Be nice for him to clean hotel bathroom.

  10. ALERT:
    Flaky is addressing the US Senate now on CSpan2. He is decrying our Presidents for hs Fake News complaints. Instead of the Stalin references, he is listing alleged quotes from dictators around the world using the term Fake News.

  11. Cspan link of Flaky slamming President over fake news.

    What a Flake!

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