Jeff Flake Will Not Support Trump Because He Questioned the Fairness of an Activist Judge That Champions Left-Wing Political Pursuits That Favors Mexicans

This is where we are now with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

A supposed right-wing senator is not supporting the only candidate standing in the way of Hillary F*cking Clinton’s pursuit of the white house because Trump questioned the ability for an activist left-wing judge, one that is part of an organization that fights for the rights of illegal aliens, to be impartial towards a man campaigning on deportation of illegals and shutting the border.

I remember the day when the right-wing was frustrated, anguished and full of piss and vinegar about activist judges that were sympathetic towards left-wing causes, let alone the lawlessness of supporting illegals.

Here’s some info from the La Raza group Curiel is a member of.

The benign, “just supporting hispanics,” organization endorses political candidates.

Here are the ones currently listed on their site.

Rafael Castellanos






For City Attorney-  Rafael Castellanos —–> DEMOCRAT


Chris Ward

For City Council- , District 3: Chris Ward ——–> Not hispanic. DEMOCRAT. Openly gay.



For the bench — The Honorable Judge Keri Katz———-> Appointed by Governor Moonbeam —> Not hispanic.


So, let’s recap.

Right-wing apologists for Curiel say that his organization is simply one that “honors” hispanics.

The organization of judges and lawyers are endorsing political candidates.

They are endorsing political candidates that are not hispanic.

They are only endorsing candidates that are left-wing.

Yes, by all means Curiel is “impartial.”

And Jeff Flake is a moron.

Oh, and also – lists San Diego La Raza Lawyers on their site, which, also, a few scrolls down lists the National Council of La Raza.

They are not even HIDING IT!!!!

C’mon idiots.


141 Comments on Jeff Flake Will Not Support Trump Because He Questioned the Fairness of an Activist Judge That Champions Left-Wing Political Pursuits That Favors Mexicans

  1. Trumps problem is how he said it, even Newt called it “unacceptable”. Trump never mentioned La Raza, just said he was Mexican and he was unfair. He even went further and said that a Muslim judge would not be acceptable. Odd that he says that, he claims that the Mexicans love him.

  2. Flake sounds well named. The egos of these #nevertrump guys is outstanding. Who the hell cares who they vote for, just shut up!

  3. Trump said it perfectly fine. Why in the hell does everything need to be sugar coated and said with just the right amount of political correctness. We need to be able to call a spade, a spade without worrying about insulting the hoe. The La Raza judge should be removed from the bench.

  4. Yes, he said he’s Mexican and unfair.
    And then 5 minutes of research will reveal Trump is right. SO WTF is the problem?

    I’ll tell you what the problem is- apologist “conservatives” like you.
    Trump is right. He cannot get a fair trial with this judge. The facts are there if you weren’t clouded with bias yourself.
    Trump can’t even get a fair shake WITH YOU!!!

  5. Flake has been a huge disappointment and has been voting like an open border liberal democrat for some time. No doubt he is a never Trump guy grandstanding.

  6. I agree that a La Raza supporting judge should be removed from the bench, but that is not Trumps position. Trump said the judge should not preside over the Trump U case because the Judge is Mexican and won’t rule impartially because Trump is going to build a wall. Even Newt said it was wrong and “unacceptable”, and Newt loves Trump.

  7. It’s your position right now that Trump never mentioned Curiel’s La Raza affiliation??

    So all the people that mocked Trump and Katrina Pearson for saying La Raza were hallucinating, or am I hallucinating, or are you hallucinating?

    And AGAIN, if someone says he can’t get a fair shake because he’s Mexican “given the fact that I’m running on deportation and a wall” WTF do you think he’s implying???

    Isn’t he saying that the guy probably doesn’t support the wall and supports illegal aliens??

    And looky looky… Trump is right!!!

    So, what the hell is everyone’s problem?

    He was insensitive… complete;y correct… but insensitive.

    Here’s a novel approach –
    Attack Trump when he’s wrong.

    And please spare me your “even Newt Gingrich” garbage.

    You were unimpressed when Newt endorsed Trump, but now he has the imprimatur to scold him.

  8. Yeah, but the Judge is Mexican and won’t rule impartially – because Trump is going to build a wall.

    It is not “wrong” and it is not “unacceptable” – it is the absolute truth, and 100% accurate.

    Maybe if you cuck even harder, La Raza will murder you last?

  9. BFH, you watched both interviews and have no problem with what Trump said? Trumps position is that no Mexican or Muslim Judges should preside over the Trump U case. You agree with that?

  10. Yes Trump needs to be coached more and be careful, very careful what he says and how he says it. Just like the shit we’ve been listening to these past 10 years or so. Romney or Jeb would never say such a thing.

  11. So, I can’t mention Newt’s reaction because you have some remembrance that I am unimpressed by Newt’s endorsement? Your making less sense than AA! He just gave Hiliary a hugely damaging soundbite, but all the people that see it are supposed to do research on what he meant? Really?

  12. It’s no longer true that “the truth shall set you free,”
    it’s a case of the truth will fucking bury you if you’re of the wrong political persuasion.

  13. Where does Trump say ALL Mexicans?

    Where is Trump wrong, and where is what he is saying racist?

    Now, as to the Muslim part —

    Mr. Dickerson asked Mr. Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, if a Muslim judge would be similarly biased because of Mr. Trump’s call for a ban on Muslim immigrants. “It’s possible, yes,” Mr. Trump said. “Yeah. That would be possible. Absolutely.”

    ~~~~~~~~~~ You make quite a leap saying Trump said NO MUSLIM.
    He said it’s “possible” a Muslim judge could be biased against him given what he is running on.

    You are off the deep end with the rest of the useless “conservative” bints.

    The liberals have you. You’ve been absorbed.

    It started with your weird obsession with, and the love for the Bush family- a bunch of neo-conservatives.

    SO, what Trump is saying is that you take each judge on a person by person basis and determine if it is possible they are biased.
    CURIEL IS!!!!

    Stop apologizing for leftist twats because you dislike Trump.
    You look like an asshole.

  14. What’s next Menderman?

    You’ve fallen for the progressive line that a progressive can do their job unbiased and fairly when they live , breathe and sleep as activists.
    The organization Curiel is a part of is a progressive arm, it is an activist arm, and while Jake FAPPER says “Curiel is an American” no one stops to ask, including you, “Then why is he in an organization devoted to hispanic causes???”

    Seriously, I am losing patience with Trump derangement, because you supposed “conservatives” are aligning yourselves with progressive thought and have become apologists for all the wrong causes and people.
    It is SHAMEFUL.

  15. I agree with Menderman on this in that Trump regularly says things in a cringe-worthy way. I certainly agree with Trump’s reasons for taking issue with this judge; however the way he said it left him easily open to attack. I say this as a staunch supporter of Trump.

  16. Jeff Flake suuuuucks!!! This is a feather in Trump’s cap in my opinion.

    As far as what Trump said about the judge, I don’t personally care. But he needs to do better if he’s going to win independents. How about this: “If you want to know more about the case you can speak with my attorneys. My priority right now is not my personal businesses. My priority is fighting to end unfair trade deals, illegal immigration, build a wall, make America great again, Benghazi etc etc etc…”

  17. I like Trump saying things in a cringe-worthy way. That way, the leftists can understand what Trump says. It’s as plain as the (snotty) nose on their face.

  18. This judge removed one of the original plaintiffs when he discovered she was on video praising Trump and the knowledge she learned. She also penned a glowing recommendation.

    Did you get that? The judge removed a witness for the complainants when he learned she would compromise their case.

    Does that strike you as even handed?

  19. OK — Was outside for a while and it is damn hot! Come inside and it’s hotter still!

    Here is yet another black and white subject that should have been collecting dust already in the “case closed” file. Curiel is an outspoken, Leftist judge who openly legislates from the bench and who is a friend of the court for La Raza. If anyone wants to argue against that statement, you’d better get your voter registration changed asap, ’cause you’re a Democrat.

    And as for Trump not saying that in your desired manner, too bad. I have complete faith that he says and doesn’t say things with a particular reason in mind. He hasn’t done too badly against mighty big odds so far. And even if he doesn’t have anything in mind, I think there are a lot of people who don’t need an interpreter.

    What he does need, what we all need and can do to win in November, is to help him with the heavy lifting instead of standing around with our hands in our pockets saying, “Uh, I don’t know, but I guess you could be right about him being a bigot because he was imprecise and blah, blah, blah. ‘Cause, see, I’m a milquetoast who needs to be completely convinced that he’s not just another Romney and who needs another Romney when we can get the hell beat out of us by Clinton and Sanders anarchists?”

  20. For the record, I do think this judge is a biased, La Raza ass and would not rule fairly in the Trump U case.

    Having said that, I’m really getting tired of people being called Progressives, liberals, and Democrats, just because they may disagree with something Trump said. It’s not true, it’s insulting, and IMO it does nothing to help bring people onboard the Trump train.

  21. 1: I think the entire Trump U trial is politically driven by scumbag leftists.

    2: I think andy judge that is appointed and is a member of an organization such as La Raza should be removed from the bench.

    If Trump said the guy shouldn’t even be a judge because he is a member of La Raza, a racist organization, I would be in 100% agreement. Trump didn’t say that. Trump said he should be removed because he is of Mexican heritage and makes bad rulings. That makes him sound like a racist idiot. I don’t believe he is, but he makes himself sound that way. He needs to step up his game if he wants to win.

    And, dude, stop it with that Bush strawman, it’s stupid.

  22. I saw Newt earlier today saying something to the effect of “attacking a federal judge and questioning his integrity is unacceptable”. I think when a federal judge has a history of judicial activism and is an active member or a seditious group of racist lawyers as Curiel is, he should not only be verbally attacked but physically removed from the bench if necessary.

    The best information I can find is that there are about 3,500 federal judges and I would conservatively estimate that half of them make rulings based more on their leftist political leanings rather than the law. My only misgiving with Trump in this deal is that in my view, he didn’t go far enough in “attacking” the lack of integrity and honesty displayed by far too much of our federal judiciary.

  23. RLC — This is in response to your “cracker boy” shot at the very end of the thread about Renee Ellmers. Once again, posted at the end of the thread of a post that is now on page two. So typical of you to tag me this way.

    You’ve been purposely and personally attacking me for months. You are a sucker punch artist. You even go out of your way to insert yourself into comments where the @XXX responses are clearly intended for the @XXX recipient, not you. And why not you? For the reason I’ve just given. When I want to respond to you, I write your name or initials; otherwise I am not writing to you. Call it “control” or whatever you like, it doesn’t require I go offline in my discussions/responses to specific commenters in order to satisfy you.

    Your “cracker boy” crack was low, and it is exactly the kind of thing I’ve come to expect from you, it’s intended to try to shut me up, but it won’t work. I imagine you fancy yourself to be some sort of verbal street fighter, but you’re merely pathetic.

  24. AA – it was no lower than him calling me a Pasco bitch out of the blue as you know very well that he did. You can sure dish it out but you have a hard time taking it. I don’t pay attention where on the page my comments go, but you apparently keep track. Have at it. Your passive-aggressive bs is getting really old, and I have no intention of shutting up just because you don’t approve. God, what a miserable human being you must be.

  25. RLC — Given what I have just written above, you now claim your innocence. Nice try. You had it coming after months of saying nothing to you. Put your chin out and take it honorably.

  26. If you’re a leftist pointing out one’s Mexican heritage is ok – especially when you use your position to nullify laws your ethnic membership group dislikes. If you’re NOT a leftist and you point out that one’s Mexican heritage over-rides a judge’s responsibilities as a fair dispenser of justice, the left has a fit.

  27. Trump will get my vote in November but I’m not enthused by his candidacy for reasons that Menderman would best understand. That having been said, one of the reasons for life tenure on the Federal bench is to place that person above the political fray and allow that person to be as free of conflict of interest or its perceived existence as possible. For that reason, Federal judges are really encouraged not to be members of political organizations or public interest groups. La Raza is just one of those groups that is, like the ACLU, open and notorious in their political persuasions.
    The judge is required to avoid even the appearance of conflict of interest and in this case, he really should recuse himself from any further contact with the case.
    Now who’s going to believe that a colleague won’t feel “honor bound” to support his recused fellow jurist is another question entirely–and not exactly one that has a good answer.

  28. AA – I don’t even know what you last statement even means. Really. I don’t. And for your information, since you and your spouse keep track of where in a thread people post – I read this blog on my computer. There are no “pages” of comments, just one continuous string (I read through Bloglovin if it makes a difference). If you’re going to accuse someone of something, at least try to know what you’re talking about. And as I said to him, I post a comment when I read the thread. If my timing doesn’t suit either of you, too damn bad. If bfh posts something even vaguely critical of Trump, you jump in. If he posts something positive, you whine that it is not positive enough. I have never seen such control freaks as the two of you. What a couple of whiners.

  29. RLC — Whatever, hon. Don’t obsess. Just don’t comment to either one of us — problem solved.

  30. Trump is being sued. The judge assigned to the case is sympathetic to La Raza, La Raza promotes illegal immigrant “rights,” and Trump has called for measures which are antithical to La Raza’s positions. I would expect Trump and his attorneys to challenge the judge under these circumstances.

    As I have indicated before, Trump was not in my top five choices for the Republican nominee. But he will be the Republican nominee, so now my choice is Trump or Hillary Clinton. That’s the way our system works.

    However, in this thread, and in past threads, and in many conservative blogs, people spend a lot of time parsing Trump’s statements and pronouncements. I don’t have a problem with that per se, but how come Hillary’s statements and actions are not similarly parsed? Trump expressed views on a matter which is important to him individually, yet these pronouncements are scrutinized with a ferocity better served against against Clinton.

    The Democrats must be laughing their asses off. They are in the process of nominating the most ethically challenged candidate I can remember from either party – a candidate who will get the nomination because her opponent Sanders is a crank and a loon – but conservatives are arguing about whether or not Trump is upset about the judge’s affinity to La Raza or just anti-Mexican. But Hillary gets a pass on much of this stuff while Trump is under the microscope.

    In this instance, Trump is individually and personally interested in having his Trump University case tried before an unbiased judge, and he is concerned that the judge is biased. Is this worth the time and effort to either bash Trump or demand admiration for him? I think not – to me it’s really a non-issue.

    Trump, who has now chosen to be a politician, should be scrutinized just like I believe all politicians should be scrutinized. But at this point in time, he needs to be compared to Hillary because one of the two will be our next President, and I think the choice is fairly obvious.

  31. So Trump can’t say he believes a pro-Mexican activist, which is proven by the man’s associations, should recuse himself from the case??

    This is causing consternation amongst you pillow biters???

    That’s where we are now?
    Ironically, this is precisely why I support Trump.

    Had this been a case of a Christian baker being sued and a judge who belonged to ISILA (Islamic State of Los Angeles) was the presiding judge and ruled against every motion and procedure, would you need Trump to say “I don’t think this Christian is getting a fair trial,” before you thought “I don’t think this Christian is getting a fair trial”?

    This is becoming absurd.

  32. Could Trump use different wording? Sure. But he didn’t.
    I like newt but he screwed the pooch with his statement.
    Curiel is a judicial activist, like most democrat judges.
    I really don’t care if Trump said Judge Curiel eats shit sandwiches by the light of the moon (if it’s true or not).
    Trump wasn’t my 1st guy to begin with, but he damn sure is now.
    This is a distraction meant by the media, hillary, la raza and #nevertrump zealots to inflame and divide….if you fall for it.
    Screw ’em I’m not biting.

  33. Cato, I know for a fact that Judge Curiel does not “…eat shit sandwiches by the light of the moon,” or any other kind of light; he doesn’t like bread.

  34. I’d be pretty pissed off if I was one of the people who had their head cracked open in San Jose for wearing a Trump shirt, and during my civil trial I complained that I didn’t feel like I was getting a fair shake because I suspect the judge, a member of LaRaza Judges of San Diego, was biased against me because he’s of Mexican heritage, and the readers on this blog said they didn’t like how I “worded my complaint.”

  35. It’s not like Trump released top secret National secrets or “outed” CIA operatives or even got 4 Americans murdered in Benghazi and then created an elaborate scheme to cover it up.

    Trump’s statement and the pundit’s reaction was tossed in the “I give a shit” basket immediately (where it should be).

  36. AA – I’ll agree not to comment to either of you if you both do the same for me. Hon.

  37. If only the Donald said things in a polished Harvaaard accent, instead of Newyorkeese, he could sell these elitists the Brooklyn Bridge and they’d enjoy buying it.

    Ryan, Neut, Flake, Levin et al, all council, be careful what you say and how you say it. Well fuckit! I’m sick of that.


  38. Not sure where or to whom your question is directed….
    For me I have no objection to his statement, nor do I find it offensive. If it offended some anti US, socialist, la raza, illegal, snowflake, liberal, media type….. good ! None of these are friends or supporters of Trump and never will be.

  39. If you told the judge he was biased because his has Mexican heritage and never mentioned he was a LaRaza member, would that be ok?>>>>

    First of all, get the chain right.
    I tell a judge he is biased AND THEN I offer the reason why I think he’s biased.

    If I told the judge he was biased, and then I told him that I think it’s because he is of Mexican heritage and he doesn’t like my political stance, AND THEN IT TURNS OUT I WAS RIGHT ABOUT MY POLITICAL STANCE CLASHING HARD WITH HIS OWN, and he’s in an organization that vociferously opposes everything I stand for, how you think I did or didn’t word my accusation is moot.

    Trump is right. And now the narrative is “he worded it hurtfully.”
    Shouldn’t the narrative be, “we have to get this fucking activist La Raza scum off this case”?
    No, you choose to bite the pillow about how Trump “insulted Mexicans.”

    Another narrative should be, “why does everyone keep pointing out that he was born in Indiana, yet, this mofo concerns himself all the fuck day long with Mexico and illegal aliens.”?

    How’s that for a narrative to focus on?

    Naaa. Keep focusing on how horrible Trump will be for America, and concern troll yourself with how offended the Mexicans living in America might be.

    Trump better watch out. He might’ve just said something that won’t allow him to get a fair trial by a Mexican.

  40. OK, now that this seems settled, maybe we should move on to the La Raza affiliated chief of police in San Jose who has yet to do anything about the teen-aged boy who was beaten up, chased down and tackled by the muslim man who then bragged about it on Twitter/FB.

    I don’t think this one takes any verbal communication, so how someone said something shouldn’t be at issue.

    “San Jose Police Chief Who Admits Allowing Attacks on Trump Supporters Is Affiliated With La Raza”

    And here is the young man (could be any of our son):

    Will you please join me in following up with the San Jose PD to register your outrage. This young person needs to have their fair day in court, too.

  41. Listen dude, you are going off on an insulting name calling tirade because I said Trump worded it poorly even though I fully agree with his position. Can you really say that Trump was at his best explaining why the judge should disqualify himself?

  42. AA the Police Chief, Eddie Garcia, was born in Puerto Rico.
    According to the SJPD they are actively seeking videos of the riot. Who knows?

  43. @MoeTom, you wrote: “AA the Police Chief, Eddie Garcia, was born in Puerto Rico.
    According to the SJPD they are actively seeking videos of the riot. Who knows?”

    I’m not sure what you mean. Does it matter that Garcia was born in PR? I don’t think so. And there were lots of stills and video of this kid being chased, punched, etc. The SJPD know who the attacker is and they said they are seeking justice, but so far nothing has been done. It would be interesting to find out who paid for the guy’s plane ticket to and from Minnesota — whether it was for CA Trump events or if he was just out there on his own.

    I hope you (and everyone) take the time to look at the links, especially the second one. It is horrifying to read what that kid went through. Witnesses said he was chased several blocks through downtown SJ and even tried to climb on a firetruck to escape, he was that terrified. It just makes me sick. In any event, we’ve got to keep groups like La Raza from gaining any more of a toehold and erase any thought from their minds that they’re going to take this to the Black Lives Matter level of violence.

  44. OK, but I’m going to paraphrase, not review the videos again, so I expect you will parse my words and call me a pillow biting liberal bint Bush loving asshole, but here it goes:

    ‘He has Mexican heritage and makes bad rulings against me’

    Not that any of this matters, but you never answered my question. Did Trump handle those two (CNN and CBS) interviews well? If so, why did he completely fail to mention La Raza and simply blame on his heritage?

  45. Unfortunately choice of specific words counts so much. I could never run for dog catcher due to all my years as a senior Sargent in the Army. Half the people would not understand me and the other two thirds would cringe and duck for cover 🙂

  46. I think the San Jose mayor and police chief should both be brought up on charges for allowing these assaults to occur.

  47. Well, Menderman, you shouldn’t have ignored the video of the Tapper interview.

    Trump: “I’ve been treated very unfairly by him. Now, this judge is of Mexican heritage and I’m building a wall, okay, I’m building a wall but I’m going to do very well with Hispanics, the Mexicans..”


    Tapper: So no Mexican judge can ever be involved in a case that involves you?

    Trump: Well, he’s a member of a society where, that is very pro-Mexico. That’s fine. It’s all fine. I think he should recuse himself.

    >>>>>>>>>TAPPER INTERRUPTION >>>>>>


    Trump: Does he know the other lawyer on the other side.? Does he know the lawyer? Lots of people are saying..


    Tapper: I’m not talking about that.
    Trump: But that’s another problem.

    >>>>>>>TAPPER INTERRUPTION>>>>>>>

    Tapper is only interested in one narrative, as are you.
    Trump is a racist.
    Meanwhile Trump DID MENTION that Curiel is part of a very pro-Mexico society.

    An American judge is part of a pro-Mexican society and Trump says he believes this can potentially cause bias.

    YOU need Trump to say the name of the society. I don’t.
    My default position is not anti-Trump.
    Yours is.

    You’re looking for a way to paint him as a racist.
    I am not.

    Trump is right. The pro-Mexico society that he mentions, which apparently no one cares about, unless he sufficiently pricks up the ears of the people who are listening to him with a sneer, is an arm of La Raza.

    Had he said La Raza by name, he’s right.
    Because he didn’t he’s wrong.
    Got it.

  48. First of all, the judge is not Mexican, he is American.
    Secondly, this ‘affiliation to La Raza’ is the San Diego chapter? The judge is in Texas. Is this something being dredged out of his past when he was very effective at putting cartel members behind bars?
    Thirdly, name ONE biased judgement he has made while on the bench (accepting a case in texas where Trump’s organization admitted wrongdoing does not count).
    You all should look into why he had to leave CA in the first place.

  49. So, I was pretty close:

    “I’ve been treated very unfairly by him. Now, this judge is of Mexican heritage and I’m building a wall, okay, I’m building a wall… Well, he’s a member of a society where, that is very pro-Mexico. That’s fine. It’s all fine. I think he should recuse himself.”

    ^^^And you have mo problem that for some reason he never mentioned La Raza?

    I call it a YUGE failure that he needs to correct if he wants to win in November. That quote will haunt him and hurt him terribly with the average voter.

    It is sad that you can’t see that.

  50. I agree with Trump for taking exception to this biased, America-hating, douchebag jurist.

    However, I also agree with anyone on this site who believes that Donald Trump could use a couple of classes at charm school. Moetom is right, Trump needs to think more before he opens his mouth.

  51. >>First of all, the judge is not Mexican, he is American.>>>

    Really???? No kidding??? You’re kidding, no? I’ve only said 3000 times that I think it’s absurd that morons keep pointing out that he’s American, yet he belongs to an organization devoted to advancing the concerns and causes of hispanics.
    Since you’re not a conservative, let me clue you in on some concerns conservatives have had over the years.
    We tend to dislike organizations that use skin color, race, sex, in short, divisiveness, in order to leverage political power. And I posted earlier that on the network of the La Raza lawyer associations, they list the National La Raza Organization as an affiliate on the site. Curiel is a documented member of the Sand Diego chapter.
    What is it that isn’t registering with you?
    Is it your progressiveness that is keeping you from connecting the obvious dots and has you running defense for this friggin’ judge?

    >>Secondly, this ‘affiliation to La Raza’ is the San Diego chapter? The judge is in Texas. Is this something being dredged out of his past when he was very effective at putting cartel members behind bars?>>>>
    Are you suggesting this is the wrong Curiel? Or that he moved from California to Texas, or that he left his beliefs in California? Not sure what your stunning revelation is, or what you’re saying.

    Now, here’s where you really step on your dick. And this is delightful because you’ve repeated this one lots and I never responded.

    You think because he put cartel members behind bars this negates that he’s for amnesty, open borders, or for advancing the causes of illegals in America?

    So, who’s the racist? You or Trump?

    What does one thing have to do with the other?

    I’m not following your completely stupid point.

    A Mexican nationalist that is dedicated to taking back “Mexican land” from America, or is in favor of benefits for illegal aliens, is in favor of drug cartels?
    Is this what you’re saying?

    >>>Thirdly, name ONE biased judgement he has made while on the bench (accepting a case in texas where Trump’s organization admitted wrongdoing does not count).

    Why doesn’t Trump’s case count?

    >>>You all should look into why he had to leave CA in the first place.

    Do tell. Was it more threats from drug smugglers, which, in your mind, means he can’t be for open borders, amnesty and all rights for illegals?

  52. Charm school is over rated. The last thing we need is another mealy-mouthed bullshit artist waxing poetically so that everybody thinks he is taking their side. Keep it coming Mr. Trump!

  53. Fur — I’m just guessing here, but I think there was a reason Trump didn’t just say “La Raza.” Well, two reasons, really. The most important one is that he’s well aware of the name of the organization, but he’s got a thing for giving legitimacy to anti-American groups (with the noted exception of radical islam, but that’s got another set of problems not relevant here). In the same way he referred to them as “thugs” rather than “protesters,” he wants the net to be cast as wide as possible when it comes to those who work against our 1A rights. I think he’s purse seining and will pull up the nets sometime around August (surprise?) or September. Just a theory of mine, but if you’ve followed his earlier tactics, it makes sense.

  54. Trump pointed out the facts about this to Jake Tapper and Jake had NO CLUE about the facts.

  55. It is sad that you can’t see that.>>>

    No, what’s sad is that you’re a part of the mob that is “making it an issue” which will make it a problem with the average voter.

    If everyone shouted that this “American” judge is concerning himself a little too much with political causes such as amnesty, open borders, benefits for illegals, and he’s ruling on a case with a presidential candidate that is for closing borders, no amnesty, no benefits for illegals, deportations, and he’s not recusing himself, and he’ll probably rule against the presidential nominee, damaging the nominee, purposefully, then the focus would be where it should be, wouldn’t it?
    But, you’re not for Trump. So, you’re reflexively in favor of the judge and his damaging and biased ruling. And the focus is exactly where you want it to be.

  56. Here’s my take. The Trump organization knows exactly who the judge is and why he rules the way he does. I think it was their intention to cause the controversy, and in the end, he can say “I told you so” to the lazy dishonest press.

    The press knows who this guy is, but they will never mention The Race affiliation.

  57. Big Fur Hat, can you stay on point without unnecessary insults?>>>

    You say they are unnecessary. I disagree. They are very necessary. I really don’t know what else to call someone that holds the opinion that Trump is getting hosed by an activist judge, but chooses to make the greatest importance of this story that Trump didn’t mention La Raza by name.

    Oh, what could have been for the poor sap Trump.

    I mean, people “could” come to his defense and point out the real problem is American judges who join
    organizations called THE RACE, but they are too busy pointing out, and perpetuating the meme of Trump’s racism.

  58. BFH I am in CA. I know the history of this judge and the huge personal risks he took, not just to himself, but also to his family, in order to protect us from the cartels.
    I grew up in San Diego, and know SoCal politics and am very familiar with La Raza and all it’s offshoots.
    Here, a Hispanic government official that is not nominally affiliated with La Raza is even more rare than a black official that is not affiliated with the NAACP.
    Yes, they are both racist groups with strong anti-American themes that should be banned, but reality differs.
    You really can’t see a person in his position trying to gain any cover he can? Especially as CA just tossed him to the wolves, dropping all his protection, once they were done with him?
    As to taking Trumps case. He didn’t go after it, there is no evidence of judge shopping. Trump admitted to operating illegally in Texas, not having the proper business licenses and not being a university. Faced with an indictment that would have cost Trump around $5M (this judge was not involved one iota in that) Trump folded and pulled out of the state.
    That left only the civil venue for the litigants. Which they pursued.
    This judge had two options. Toss out a case where the defendant admitted wrongdoing, or allow the facts to be heard in court.
    Do you really think his decision was biased? That he shouldn’t have allowed those who believed they were cheated to have their day in court?
    Keep in mind, all these things happened LONG before Trump started running for office or talking about a wall.
    Maybe Mexicans can see the future?
    More likely Trump knows a jury will take him to the cleaners over this.

  59. >>
    BFH I am in CA. I know the history of this judge and the huge personal risks he took, not just to himself, but also to his family, in order to protect us from the cartels.>>>

    What does that have to do with him being pro-amnesty, for open borders, for illegals getting benefits like in-state tuition?

    You most explain this pure idiocy before we go on.

  60. Trump is getting hosed by his own words, not Flake or some judge. And now that insults that have no relevance to the matter at hand, why in the hell is a tax dodging ex liberal yankee like you questioning my life long conservative standards? You are supporting someone that makes Palin speeches sound like MENSA worthy accolades! The idiot Trump can’t even remember what “secret” pro mexican organization the judge is a part of. The ignorant Trump doesn’t even know that mexican isn’t a race! If the lightweight can’t handle a couple of alphabet journolisters, how the frack is the lightweight gonna handle Putin, Assad, Ryan, Reid, McConnell…? You’re the ex-liberal, not me.

    You get lot’s of thumbs up for calling me names and posting positions I am no part of…Is that fun for you? Go back to the first comment on this thread, address every word of it. Just where in the FUCK did I post any GOD DAMN thing that was anti Trump!!!???

    It’s in your head, not mine. All I said is Trump worded it badly.

    Stop with the Stupid BFH.

  61. BFH Your point is that ANY democrat judge cannot be impartial?
    Can any republican judge be impartial when judging a democrat?
    Can a meat eater be impartial when judging a vegan, a heterosexual judging a gay, a Catholic judging a Jew, this could go on for days.
    You are giving the left the tool to destroy our justice system just to save Trump a few bucks.
    If that is not what you are doing, point out his biased judgments. (he has not made a judgement on the Trump case).

  62. I live in a California too. But not the same California JohnS lives in. He keeps mentioning “The Cartel”. I think they talk to him late at night.

  63. “The ignorant Trump doesn’t even know that mexican isn’t a race!”

    Actually, the Mexicans call themselves a race. That’s what La Raza means—The Race.

  64. why in the hell is a tax dodging ex liberal yankee >>>>>

    Explain this.
    Who is a tax dodger?

    I’ve been a conservative since I was 20.

    What’s this “Yankee” bullshit?

  65. Bad Braggart sorry for dropping an ‘s’.
    Didn’t I see you in Richmond the other day working through a relatives hair?

  66. You’re calling me a tax dodger. lolol
    That’s pretty specific and requires an explanation.

    You’re trying to imply I’m not a conservative because as I think back to my teen years I held opinions that might be called liberal. But I wasn’t of voting age and never called myself a liberal.
    The first vote I ever cast was for Reagan’s second term.

    Not sure what your idiotic point is, or if it can even be labeled an insult. It’s more on par with what one would call desperate flailing.

    And this “yankee” part was simply weird, but now that you’ve identified it as an insult, well, GFY, bigot.
    Now I understand why you hate Trump.

  67. The CEO of La Raza is Argentine. >>>

    The race referred to is THE HISPANIC RACE.
    Argentines are Hispanic.

  68. BFH Really?
    Argentines are Hispanic?
    Even the large number of German ones?
    You really need to spend some time learning the history of not only the term ‘hispanic’ but also the ‘race’ that La Raza is talking about.
    La Reconquista has NOTHING to do with South America.

  69. La Raza CEO Janet Murguia was born in Kansas.

    Janet Murguia (born September 6, 1960) is a political activist in the United States. She is president of the National Council of La Raza, an Hispanic advocacy organization. Her twin sister Mary and elder brother Carlos are both federal judges.
    Born September 6, 1960 (age 55)
    Kansas City, Kansas, U.S.
    Education B.S. degree in journalism (1982), a B.A. degree in Spanish (1982), and a J.D. degree (1985), Kansas University.[1]

    I don’t see Argentinian mentioned anywhere in her bio. You?

  70. Menderman I don’t think you are either a Rino or a bint.
    A scrunt, maybe due to your attempts to gain favor, but neither a Rino nor a bint.

  71. “Growing up in the Argentine district of Kansas City, Kansas, my family experienced the American Dream firsthand…..”

    “Janet Murguia (born September 6, 1960) is a political activist in the United States. She is president of the National Council of La Raza, an Hispanic advocacy organization. Her twin sister Mary and elder brother Carlos are both federal judges…..”

    And Trump forgot to even mention La Raza….really? Is he trying to help Hiliary win?

  72. In America, Argentines, for purposes of census are listed as Latino/Hispanic.
    Hispanic refers to any peoples, nations or culture that has a historical link to Spain.
    IPEDS definition of Hispanic/Latino is any person of Spanish culture or origin regardless of race.

    Argentines consider themselves crisol de razas, crucible of races. This does not preclude a person from Argentina considering themselves hispanic or latino.
    Don’t be a dick.

  73. LOLOL So growing up in the barrio makes native-born Americans Mexicans, too? My bad. I was thinking Argentinian, as in from Argentina.

    You said Trump thought Mexican was a race. I said Mexicans think they’re a race, as they willingly adopt La Raza as their advocates. Where are the goalposts going next? There are a lot of other American-born hispanic groups you can divert the conversation to.

  74. LOLOL So growing up in the barrio makes native-born Americans Mexicans, too? My bad. I was thinking Argentinian, as in from Argentina.>>>

    Not only that, but according to JOHNS, she can’t consider herself hispanic if she’s Argentinian. So someone is in the wrong organization.

  75. Menderman, lighten up. You don’t want to see BB even more unemployed, do you?
    I was just taking advantage of the opportunity to use an underutilized word.

  76. BFH you don’t understand the culture.
    You obviously don’t want to learn it.
    Who am I to deny your bliss?

  77. OMG!! The Triple Dog Dare!! Okay, Fur, go stick your tongue on the frozen pipe! You know what’s coming next, right? “Holy Cow! The fire department’s here!”

    “Conservative” “True Conservative” “Neo-Conservative” Those words are worse than useless. It’s almost as bad as continuing to say something is “The Cadillac of XXX” when we all know Cadillac isn’t even The Cadillac, and hasn’t been for a long time.

    But you are not going to convince someone with stalwart party allegiance or faith of this fact.

    Who died and made Trump-hating “conservatives” the arbiters of all that is correct, anyway? Trying to accommodate that premise is the first mistake from which all others flow. Our Declaration starts out, “We, the people..” and the majority of the people have spoken; conservatives, true conservatives, neo-conservatives, libertarians, and not a few independents and Democrats of all stripes. And in many ways this could be the start of healing the great obama divide in this country. Finally, it is the year of the Americans.

    There is to be no mollifying those who are and have been against Trump from the beginning.

  78. Yes, Menderman, that one is becoming far to rare.
    Luckily I have my overpowered old cars to retreat to.

  79. AA, The majority of the people have spoken?
    160,000,000 + people voted for Trump?
    I hope the drugs you are on were cheap.

  80. and why didn’t you vote in 1980?>>>>>

    BECAUSE I WAS A LIBERAL!!!! YOU CAUGHT ME!!!! And as everyone knows, LIBERALS DON’T VOTE!!!!!!!!

    I was not in NYS for election day in 1980. I was 19. I would have voted for Reagan.
    1976? I was 15. I remember thinking Carter was an asshole.

    And I never said I was a liberal.
    I said I could remember having some opinions that what would be considered liberal. I was a teenager.
    And they weren’t policy positions. They were events where I can remember my opinion, and the opinion could be considered liberal.

    But this is 2016, and I am seeing an awful lot of people who do not have sufficient concern that Hillary might get into the white house. They have MORE concern that Trump will get in, and that is patently absurd.
    But if makes you feel better you can imply that I’m the suspicious character.

  81. I have friends with boats. I like it that way.
    Sailing a 50′ or better with a short crew is a blast out in the open sea. So is killing some fish.
    I like killing the salmon more than eating them but bass and trout are good both ways. Catfish are good but I don’t like wearing gloves.

  82. Oh yes, here’s JohnS, that shockingly pedestrian hermaphrodite and debased dull-witted depravity of genetics.

  83. You are hyper focused on keeping hiliary out of the white hut, I am hyper focused on keeping congress. Both are admirable goals with the same long term agenda.

    See, there is no need for baseless insults! We all have the same goal.

  84. JohnS, got it. Everyone’s wrong but you. The world according to an electrician. You should write a book. “What I Don’t Know Ain’t Worth Knowing” . And you don’t know shit.

  85. I’ll give you a free pass on the odd “tax dodger” comment,
    the implication that I’m not a conservative,
    and the distressful and shameful “Yankee” remark.

    You have more important things to ponder.
    You should be very busy trying to figure out how you can
    stick it to the Yankee Trump but not be held accountable for a President Hillary Clinton.

    Good luck with that!

  86. Brad, I will give you some advise.
    Put the bottle down.
    Rather than lament your failures, reinvent your business.
    No politician is going to ride in and save you like a damsel in distress.
    If you aren’t up to it, quit.
    Just stop complaining about your choice.
    A skilled machinist or electrician, or plumber can make over $100 an hour here in CA. If you are too lazy to become skilled, vote for Bearnie.

  87. JohnS, I’ll give you some advice. Quit trying to be controversial for controversies sake. You end up sounding like a complete idiot.

  88. Hey, I’ll answer the Yankee tax dodger question if you can successfully demonstrate that I am a bint, a rino, an asshole, a Bush lover, a liberal, a prog and all the other crap you called me.

    And Hiliary is from Arkansas you dumb yankee! She is a redneck! Go listen to her from those days, is flows out of that ugly pie hole like grease from a lard biscuit after Sunday “go to meeting” dinner!

    (you do know the difference between dinner and supper, don’t you)

  89. BFH you don’t understand the culture.
    You obviously don’t want to learn it.
    Who am I to deny your bliss?>>>

    You really are a dullard, aren’t you?

    Menderman said the CEO of La Raza was Argentine, for what reason, I have no idea. I guess he thinks if you’re not Mexican you can’t be a radical hispanic?

    Merry explained that members of La Raza considered hispanic to be a race.

    I reiterated that La Raza refers to the hispanic race (not saying that there is a hispanic race, I’m saying what La Raza means, and that’s what they believe) and I said Argentines are Hispanic.

    You counter with the idiotic,
    “Even the large number of German ones?”

    Yes, even the German ones. Hispanic/Latino refers to a culture not a race. You can be white in Latin America or South America or Central America and be hispanic. It means you come from a Spanish speaking country.

    And any point you want to make about La Raza and Argentina is moot, so save your Cliff Claven act. Menderman was the one who falsely claimed the CEO of La Raza was Argentine.

  90. Out of fairness, I should drop 3 as well. I’m forgiving the “apologist conservative” remark, the rino remark and the “swallowed by liberals” remark.

    I am keeping the “bint” one for a while just in case I become transgender one day, that way you become a misogynist!

    Who is doing the insult count? I’m pretty sure your still at least 3 up still. I need to try harder.

  91. “Menderman was the one who falsely claimed the CEO of La Raza was Argentine.”

    and Trump was the one that falsely accused Cruiel (sp) of being Mexican.

    Have we gone full circle yet?

    (BTW, she is proud of her Kansas/Argentine heritage)

  92. >> I am a bint, a rino, an asshole, a Bush lover, a liberal, a prog and all the other crap you called me.>>

    Bint is non-specific, as is asshole. These are things people say when in an argument, as opposed to, say, “tax dodger.’

    I don’t recall saying RINO, I said neo-conservative. And this refers to Bush loving, which you are.
    I can remember you getting terribly offended when I attacked George Washingt- I mean Barbara Bush when she attacked Palin and told her to stay in Alaska.
    You demanded an apology, which I never gave because that old bitch should shut her wooden dentures. (The line I used at the time.)
    I stand by that. Her husband was a RINO, Jeb is a RINO, and George is a good-natured RINO.
    I like Dubya, but he was a neo-conservative, like his daddy.

    A never called you a liberal or a prog, I said you’re acting like one. When one says that someone is “acting” like something, the implication is that they are not that thing, but are “acting” like that thing.
    And when you show up at virtually every Trump thread, no matter what it is about, and take the contrarian “Trump is the asshole” tack, with false information, you’re acting like a prog.
    Trump NEVER said –
    “that a Muslim judge would not be acceptable.” (That’s quoted from you.)

    You said-
    “Trumps position is that no Mexican or Muslim Judges should preside over the Trump U case.”

    Trump NEVER stated that.

    He said that this judge was biased and he suspected that it was because of his Mexican heritage.

    You fail logic 101.
    Saying a guy could be biased because of his Mexican heritage is not the same as saying all Mexicans are biased.
    Here is the Muslim exchange-

    Mr. Dickerson asked Mr. Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, if a Muslim judge would be similarly biased because of Mr. Trump’s call for a ban on Muslim immigrants. “It’s possible, yes,” Mr. Trump said. “Yeah. That would be possible. Absolutely.”

    Where does Trump say no Muslim can preside over his case?

    You see, proggish.
    To this day people think Sarah Palin said she can see Russia from her porch.
    Left uncorrected, you’ll be partly responsible for people saying that Trump said NO MUSLIM OR MEXICAN CAN PRESIDE OVER MY CASE!!!

    Maybe you should sit out a Trump thread or two, instead of being compelled to chime in because you can’t resist your urge to damage him, particularly with false crap.

  93. I wish you would highlight witch threads are a pissing match. I missed this one.
    Maybe show how many comments on the landing page.

  94. Sally,
    The comment count doesn’t appear on phones, for some reason.

    It does on desktop and tablet.
    BUT, you gave me an idea.
    Maybe there is a widget that highlights MOST COMMENTED post.
    I hate to bloat the site with even more widgets,
    but let me see if it runs lean, and if I can find such a widget.

  95. You know I am ashamed of myself. I allowed this thread to go way off topic.
    This was about left-wing judges who are affiliated with left-wing organizations that many right-wing talking heads are saying are just “benign pro-hispanic groups.” (As if that isn’t bad enough.)

    This La Raza lawyer’s group is supposedly a pro-hispanic group that, according to Megan Kelly, is “non-partisan.”
    They not only endorse candidates (which is very weird for a judge’s organization), they endorse non-hispanics as long as they are democrat.

    But, by all means, mischaracterize what Trump said in an interview, attack him, and run defense for the central idea, that this judge is a part of an organization that are shitstain activists for the left.

    ENTER JOHNS, the conservative who will now defend Curiel.

    Gahead John.

  96. As I recall, I chastised you for making fun Of Barbara’s looks, not her position. Calling her a wooden toothed bint was unnecessary and very proggish. I said then, and I say now, it is perfectly acceptable to criticize ones opinion, but basing it on looks devalues your position. Next, I took issue with Trump calling W a liar about WMD’s so he could go to war with Saddam. I still have a serious problem with that…you don’t?

    And you wanna talk proggish? The entire headline is a spin on the truth. Nothing in your headline is the full truth, yet you call me out for reducing the context of what Trump said to what is already being reported? You are actively working to get Flake un-elected, and I am the bad guy helping Hiliary? You are against Ellmers too! That means you are voting for whomever is running against them, right?

  97. >> I said then, and I say now, it is perfectly acceptable to criticize ones opinion, but basing it on looks devalues your position.>>>

    So you denounce iOTWreport and all of its readers who have made fun of the looks of Michelle, DWS, Hillary, Harry Waxman, etc. All their opinions are devalued?

    >> Next, I took issue with Trump calling W a liar about WMD’s so he could go to war with Saddam. >>
    It’s not an opinion I hold, but I don’t really care that Trump holds it, no. I’m more of the “Bush focused on Iraq in opportunistic fashion, bridging 9/11 to Iraq thinly, but Iraq was asking for it,” kind of guy.

    Lie/Opportunity Tomato/Tomato.

    >>The entire headline is a spin on the truth. >>
    The headline is perfectly accurate.

    >>>You are actively working to get Flake un-elected>>>
    Well, that’s a strange way to see it. I’m calling out a republican senator that is actively trying to get Trump defeated.
    You see it your way because you want a senate full of Flakes without Trump.
    Flakes with Clinton!!! That’ll get America on track!

    You are against Ellmers too!>>>

    Wrong again. You can keep trying to “rubber” and try and get what I say to you to stick to me, but I am righteous, you are wrongteous.

    Ellmers is a known RINO. She’s already legislated not in our best interests.

    I’m not campaigning against her. I’m simply facepalming that of all people Trump ENDORSES her, unnecessarily. If he doesn’t endorse 75 other congresspeople that means he is campaigning against them?

    But I’m confused.
    You can’t support Trump because he’s a RINO but you’re upset that I’m concerned when Trump endorses a RINO.

  98. BFH – After reading ALL this thread, I’m with you. Trump says things that get people excited. Fresh air, compared to the PC statements we’ve gotten for the last 60 years. I don’t need any translation from others, I listen to what was actually said by Trump. Then I get to yell at the evening news when some ‘educated reporter’ misquotes him. Cheap entertainment for all.

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