Jeff Sessions Affirms Inspector General Review of FISA Court Abuse by Dept. of Justice

Conservative Treehouse -Earlier today Attorney General Jeff Sessions held a press briefing to announce the opioid task force (video below). During the Q&A segment of the presser, Fox News Catherine Herridge asked AG Sessions if the FISA court abuses outlined by Chairman Devin Nunes, Chairman Bob Goodlatte and Chairman Chuck Grassley would be investigated by the DOJ.


Attorney General Sessions affirms the FISA court abuse by the DOJ and FBI will indeed be investigated and prosecuted and directed attention to Inspector General Michael Horowitz.  MORE

14 Comments on Jeff Sessions Affirms Inspector General Review of FISA Court Abuse by Dept. of Justice

  1. We’ll see. Jeff doesn’t seem too enthused about it. About as eager to investigate as McCain was to build the danged wall.

    In an ideal world, Jeff would have been announcing indictments in the FISA abuse investigation, and Catherine Herridge would have been asking when the Uranium One indictments could be expected.

  2. Jeff always talks like Tim Conway’s ‘Oldest man.’ Real slow, little, if any inflection, and softly-spoken.

    Sessions does not inspire excitement at any of his announcements of ‘investigations or indictmrnts’ nor do his actions; not enough nor fast enough justice for the people of America who are damn sick of the criminal political aristocracy. We’ve heard and seen criminal and treasonous actions pile up on the elitists of government and congress. Were sick and tired of being the patsies.

    We’ve seen slick Willie, Teflon Hillary and Kevlar obama break every rule of law, ethics, and morality, and actually smirk, smile and slide away to do more evil.

    Bring on the ‘A’ team of justice. Remember the crowds screaming, ‘Lock her up!’? Well, DO IT!

  3. BY the time Jeff gets all of his ducks in a row
    President Trump’s first term will be over.
    By the time prosecution starts we’ll be into the 2024 election cycle.
    Government Corruption is rampant, Get a move on Deputy Dog.

  4. And now, even Trump is tweeting that he’s pissed at Jeff. If Mueller just bides his time for a while, he might be able to charge Trump with homicide. Justifiable, but homicide, nonetheless.

  5. Once in a while I hear/read someone say, trust Jeff Sessions.

    Trust is earned. He has yet to earn my trust.

    Still waiting, but like Tim, not holding my breath.

  6. I hear you, Claudia. That must be a long, long game they’re playing,where Trump gives Jeff a Twitter swirly every few months, and Jeff just combs it back over and scrunches down in his chair even harder.

  7. When the IG report is released all hell will break lose. They have FBI agents that have sung.

    I’ll reserve any opinion on the AG until then. He has been forthright on waiting for this report. The report will speak for itself. It is go-around the recusal, since the investigation will encompass may different crimes, exclusive of Hillary-campaign crapola.

  8. Mr. Sessions has been lackluster, at best, on numerous investigations or what should have been an investigation. Robert Mueller is a TRAITOR, just like Hillary, Obama, John (I served in Vietnam) Kerry, Pelosi, Schumer and many more. Has there been any recent developments on Project Pelican?

    Damn, this is straight up TREASON. Which side is Sessions on?


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