Jeff Sessions and the Conservative Talkers

This was posted in the Bullpen by Cato, but it quickly fell off the front page. I think it needs to be bumped here. Very good read.

Conclusive evidence on the IRS scandal, Uranium One, Clinton Foundation scheme, Corrupt Clinton Foundation, E-mailgate and on and on. They just needs to be acted upon. Will they be? Or will it just be another avenue for Jeff Sessions to demonstrate his remarkable capacity for doing nothing.

American Thinker

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  1. This A.G. position needs to be filled by someone new, someone who lusts for justice. Someone who has spent his whole life understanding and respecting the Rule of Law.

    Someone with a axe to grind on behalf of Lady Liberty, a gal who is, quite frankly, getting done dirty over a barrel by all of official Washington right now.

    Someone who isn’t afraid of having few friends in government.

    Someone who isn’t afraid to upend the status quo.

    Someone looking to leave a large mark, a personal mark, on the United States of America.

    I’m looking at you, Ted Cruz.

  2. Sessions is part of the swamp. The AG should have been an outsider, an outsider that would have cleaned house. And you know he is part of the swamp when Congress threatens Trump won’t get anyone else confirmed if he considers getting rid of Sessions.

  3. “This A.G. position needs to be filled by someone new, someone who lusts for justice revenge, to show the Left just what consequences their own savagery brings.”

  4. p.s.
    Oh yes…and F*CK Cruz.
    You want more TALK?
    You want more pontificating?
    You want more “whole lotta nuttin’ but posturing”?
    Yeah, him.

    We need an executioner.

  5. How about an attorney that comes out of the military? There has to be some qualified attorneys that are currently serving, and would be proud to serve in another role. Could someone get a leave of absence, or continue his service in the role of Attorney General? You could hopefully assume they wouldn’t be too deep into the swamp as well. Maybe it’s a bad idea, I don’t know.

  6. “I don’t want to hurt them. They’re good people. ”

    Part of this is PDT’s doing. He should have found his pit-bull and come after the Clintons hammer and tong from the start. I think he knows that now, but he’s behind the right ball that is Jeff Sessions, and there’s no easy way out.

  7. Thirdtwin-

    I agree. It seems most naive in retrospect, but Trump (and his family) really thought that he could placate these people/smooth things over by throwing them a little kindness.

    But the Clintons are on a whole other level of decrepitude. They saw his little sop as weakness. And so did her zombie supporters.

    He also had a little too much fun with the “lock her up” routine at his rally events. People tended to think that this was the plan, because he kept on rolling with it.

    He’s do it all differently now, though.

  8. To 3rd T and Chief

    I think you’re both on to something…
    …but please consider there’s also the factor that Trump is a – meant in the BEST of senses – master manipulator. you don’t manipulate to get what you want by coming out one dimensionally and going Conan/barbarian (as much as we’d all LOVE to see it!).

    He’s taking his time, and feeling his way through this POLITICAL mess (AKA “swamp”) in a masterful way for a novice; his professional experience has served him well, and I trust it’s going to serve him better, as he incorporates the knowledge of “the ways of the swamp” into being President.

  9. Czar,

    I feel ya. He’s just getting his sea legs now. Notice that he’s smiling more?

    Did you see the master-class in having Class that Gen. Kelly put on today in Trump’s behalf? Made Frederica Wilson look like the drooling a-hole she’s always been, and polished up the boss’s military empathy credentials ten-fold.

    No. we’re in good hands, and they’re only getting smoother and more confident.

    And as to your Ted Cruz commentary, all I’ll say is I sense that Cruz would shine in an environment where he doesn’t have to curry favor or kiss much ass.

  10. Each morning I wake up I have big smile on my face because DJT is president and Hillary is not. No matter how outrageous Trumps Tweets or Statement seem at the time, the guys always eventually proven right. And the swamp is paying attention. The core of the swamp seems to be all gathered in Mueller’s own private DOJ. I gotta believe Trumps got something up his sleeve or he would have seen Mueller fired by now.

  11. For somebody with a good attitude, how about James Woods for Attorney General? Woods attended MIT and majored in political science before dropping out to become an actor.

    I’m mostly joking, but not entirely.

  12. Anonymous, good point. In this day and age where do we go to get someone that we are certain is not compromised? I would recommend myself but I’m not sure enough congress critters know me enough to confirm me.

  13. What about the three people the author suggested: Jeanine Pirro, Allan West or Greg Abbott?

    I’m not sold on Pirro, but the other two should be great.

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