Jeff Sessions “Recused” In Alabama Senate Republican Primary


Former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions lost the Alabama Senate GOP runoff contest on Tuesday as a slate of primary elections were held to determine the challengers this fall for incumbent Sens. Doug Jones of Alabama, John Cornyn of Texas and Susan Collins of Maine.

Sessions, who represented the state in the U.S. Senate between 1997 and 2017, lost to former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville who had the backing of President Donald Trump to take on Jones in November. More

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  1. He was a very good senator and an early & vocal supporter of Trump. He almost singlehandedly prevented an immigration bill that would have allowed millions of illegals a pathway to citizenship. That alone earns him my kudos.

    He failed miserably as AG, the years of this collusion nonsense is largely his fault as he could have began an investigation into Obama and cut Rosenstein out of the picture. Lot of evil over there at the DOJ and he was in over his head.

    OK it’s over, let’s move on. I think it’s safe to say that AL wins back a red seat which is good as there are a half dozen R senators that are in trouble and if the dems keep the House and take the Senate, guess what happens again?

  2. Big disappointment. The audacity to even try and get his seat back after his performance with our great President.
    Whoever voted for him need to get educated.

  3. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions was duped into allowing Robespierre Mueller and his Committee of Public Safety to investigate the Russian Collusion Hoax by Osmidgen Deep State holdovers. Sessions should have taken back control of the oversight of the Mueller Investigation when it became apparent that there was no evidence of Russian Collusion. This nonsense nearly destroyed Trump’s first term in office. I don’t blame Trump for exacting this bit of political revenge.

  4. Very soundly too. Hope the message is received not just by Sessions but by all the other establishment Republicans that think they can openly go against POTUS and disrespect the party base and act like weak pathetic losers.

  5. @Marco
    Jeff was part of GWB’s team decades ago. IT was GWB who made Mueller FBI head 19 years ago. He tried to play for GWB’s team and Don;s team AT THE SAME TIME. Newton old us that was impossible 300 years ago!

  6. So he lost his election and won’t have uch of a future career as a politician.

    That doesn’t undo any of the damage he did to our nation, and will still leave him as an influence even if not an elected official.

  7. Sessions was one of the best Senators and possibly could have again.
    It’s too bad Mr. Trump selected him as Attorney General. He was, unfortunately, horrible there. His recusal, combined with the Paul Ryan obstruction, killed the Conservative momentum. We lost a great Senator and Senate seat in the deal. This all contributed to losing the House, putting Pelosi in charge. Just an unfortunate situation.

  8. Initially I really liked Mr. Sessions and felt he was doing a good job. But like too many on Capital Hill they quickly lose track of what the VOTERS want and expect and start gaming the system for $$$$ and power.

    Mr. Sessions is a better Conservative than many claiming the title. His problem was he got sucked in to role of DOJ AG and the Deep State Media applied personal level pressures and hamstrung him quickly. Leading us into the Democrat STAGED Russia/Ukraine Gate impeachment.

    In checking the 113th, 114th and 115th Congress voting records.
    I found he VOTED AGAINST Liberal, Socialist and Democrat motions and bills over 71% to 84% +of the time. The few things they agreed on were generally agreed by the majority of the members of both parties and had overwhelming support. Source:

    But with all that said, the DOJ-AG role was proof of that the Peter Principle is real.

  9. I would prefer Sessions. He was great on immigration. He screwed up as AG big time by recusing himself. He was a great senator and we knew where he stood. I don’t think we can say the same for Tuberville as far as where he stands on immigration. Maybe I’m biased as an LSU Alumn and I hated that dude when he coached at Auburn. But nevertheless, I think there is more we need to know on Tommy’s stances on immigration

  10. Bellewether forecasters seem about as accurate my local meterologists.

    And once proven wrong, they have no accountability and proceed nonethewiser.

  11. gin blossom, Tuberville worries me, too. I read that he blocked Dana Loesch on Twitter, even though she’s never even me tion him before. I see three options: Rookie Mistake, Dem Mole(s) or Tuberville actually does not want to be associated with her. None of those are good, and we know the Dem dirty tricks will be coming fast and furious in this campaign. It is absolutely a crucial race for both parties. Tuberville better not eff it up.

  12. He was good on immigration and he always fought in the Senate. I give him Kudos for that. He of course hurt the country as AG. I think it’s a good thing he lost because I could have seen him being a McCain/Romney.

  13. Mr. Sessions was an establishment plant from day one. His only mission was to gain Trumps confidence long enough until the establishment needed him to turn tail on Trump. Anyone who thinks that this man ever really believed in what Trump was trying to do for our country doesn’t understand politics in Washington.

  14. Jeff Sessions; the Henry Gibson of American Politics. (the Laugh-in Henry, not The Blues Brothers Henry).

  15. Jeff – go home.

    Sit on the porch.
    Have a mint julep.
    Smoke a cigar.
    Throw a stick for Ol’ Blue.
    After your nap, go fishing.
    After dinner, have another nap.
    After your nap, go to bed.

    You’ve earned your rest.

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. I voted for Tubby. Jeff was to worried about being liked and respected by the swamp creatures and the MSM. All incumbent senators should go after two terms. DRAIN THE SWAMP!!

  17. One of Session’s finest moments was when he slapped Biden’s hand away from his grandchild. That tells me they all knew what a skeevy perv Biden is. Too bad Sessions wilted when the Deep State tried to put its hands on his President. He had to know what a bunch of skeevy pervs they are.

  18. Get ready for the Tuberville cliche-ridden interviews and statements. What about his legal issues? Any vetting done on him? I guess he’s okay because revengeful Trump endorsed him like he did Luther Strange and now we have Senator Doug Jones (D)!

  19. Sessions let Mueller off the leash and gave Democrats the House after giving them the mic to yell Russia from 2016 to 2018. Effectively freezing some Trump support on the sidelines as well. Definitely freezing his agenda for two years. Trump’s impeachment was his fault.

    Go back to your Keebler treeehouse and make me some fudge grahams.


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