Jefferson’s Hometown Pols Prep To Turn Their Back On Founding Father


So, while Jefferson is too dead to defend himself and the benefactors of his great ingenuities too maleducated by the government of his co-creation to give him the respect he deserves, these envious, cowardly, accomplish-nothings spit on his legacy. The very freedom these people use to dig up and roast his dead corpse they would not have without him. They use the priceless treasure he bought with his life for them like a piece of toilet paper on which to wipe their fetid excrescence. More


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  1. Update on the above:

    The article is written by a leftist tool, so don’t get distracted by idiocy in the article like: “For historians, Trump has been the gift that keeps on giving. His ignorance of American history, his flouting of political and constitutional traditions, his embrace of racist ideas and groups, his egregious uses of fear, his own party’s moral bankruptcy in its inability to confront him, have forced the media to endlessly ask historians for help. That moral cowardice by Republicans shows some glimmers of hope; Mitt Romney has just called out Trump, accusing him of “unraveling … our national fabric” by his coziness with white supremacists, and Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee charged Trump with putting the nation “in great peril” by his incompetence and racism.”

    The idea is that what’s upon is, is upon us. The left is getting ready.

  2. The problem with today’s dispshits is, you CALL them a “dipshit,” and THEY say – Oh – thank you VERY MUCH!” 🙄

  3. Anybody notice Joy’s mini bio at the bottom of the story?

    She identifies as “Gender Natural”

    That’s gotta make some libtard heads explode !!


  4. The new left have latched onto TJ since the Clinton years when TJ was ‘smeared’ as a comparable president caught in scandal, Sally Hemmings, but ‘still got the job done’.

    That is when most of this post 60’s post Reagan bullshit started. Scorch and BURN. THIS is was NOW Hillary.

    Currently in Long Island at some university (forget now in Hempstead) they want to remove a statue of TJ.

    I will never forget that image of that non descript statue with the ropes pulling it down by the neo-fascist left, stomping on it.

  5. Wow. Great points, great writing! Plus, as Bobcat points out, the author is ‘Gender Natural.’ And: I’m betting she homeschools those five children of hers.

    Living just a bit west of Charlottesville, I can tell you most of us in (nonNorthern) Virginia view it as akin to Cuba afloat in a sea of righteous, hardworking, Godfearing Americans, with its radical politics sustained only by the influx of Yankee professors, students, tourists, and retirees with their grants, scholarships, trust funds, and pensions. It’s a false political philosophy based on a false economy.

    When they stop promoting Monticello as their major tourist attraction, I’ll believe they actually have a problem with their beloved native son.

  6. How much cra… sticky purp… space alien poop wrapped in sasquatch fur, do you have to smoke, to think that these United States are, even a bathetic parody of, what Jefferson created?

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