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Jeffrey Toobin Finished at CNN

His problems started when he finished on CNN without a heads up to the people at his meeting.


CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin announced on Friday that he was leaving the network he’d returned to after being put on leave following an incident in which he masturbated, supposedly accidentally, on a Zoom gathering with his other colleagues at The New Yorker. 

Announcing the news on Twitter, Toobin — who is currently on vacation — announced that he wouldn’t be returning to CNN’s airwaves following his time off and, in classic style, used the news to hawk his forthcoming book on the Oklahoma City bombing: more

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  1. “an incident in which he masturbated, supposedly accidentally”

    Someone is going to have to explain that one to me. Maybe they should have done what they did to Chuckie on SOA, cut off all but his index fingers, problem solved.

  2. Either someone at CNN tossed him off, or he tossed off his own job.

    I’m sure he had a happy ending no matter which scenario happened.

  3. He thought he had the situation in hand, but it got away from him and just made things real sticky for him. Even with so little to handle, he just couldn’t pull it off, and now his reputation is stained like a whitish mark on a blue dress. He thought as much as he had flogged the story that he could have yanked his career back good and hard, but it just drained him, leaving him beat.

  4. If one went to visit Jeffrey, do you think he might say, “Now I get to stay home and backoff in my own jackyard!”

  5. Wow! Wowsy, wowser! Wow, wow.

    I wonder who blackmailed CNN management to bring him back? I wonder what kind of horrible “fake” evidence they trapped those, poor, poor managers with?

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