Jen Psaki’s “Formula” For Political Success


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said parents who are worried about their baby’s immediate needs for formula amid a nationwide shortage should “call their doctor” in a press briefing on Thursday. More

Their messaging on what the federal government is doing to address the crisis is a mix of lies, deceptions, and incompetence. Here

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  1. This is another manufactured crisis by the Obiden administration. Four, FOUR, kids got sick while taking the manufacturers formula. So just guesstimating total users, was it is that, like .00000000000000000000001% sickness rate? WTF? I’ll bet everyday there’s a minimum of 100 babies getting sick off of it because their parents improperly stored it after it was mixed. This shit is intentional. Nobodies that stupid. So the FDA shut them down and here we are.

  2. @ Brad

    “Nobodies that stupid.”

    You live in California. You certainly must know some democrat voters.

  3. If some dumb bastard wrote a book outlining a future ‘presidential administration’ and their bumbling, cheating, lying stupidities it would never sell because the atrocious bullshit would be too fictional.

  4. “Jen Psaki’s “Formula” For Political Success”

    1) Steal elections.
    2) Imprison anyone who complains.
    3) Starve everyone so they can’t cause trouble.
    4) Liqudate troublemakers quietly at first, but prepare to execute them openly as needed.
    5) Lather, rinse, repeat.

    …hey, seems like I’ve heard this formula somewhere before…

  5. If you read the ingredients for most of these baby formulas they are pure crap. Another reminder to go back to being self sufficient, breast feed or look up Weston Price’s baby formula recipes for highly nutritious options although you will need to find some of those ingredients likely locally.

  6. 4 deaths is too much. One is too much. Just wait for when they authorize the mRNA jab for babies and toddlers.

  7. Psaki is like Obama: just a liar, who is wearing a diaper regularly changed by the democrat media.


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