Jenny, they’ve got your number

Seattle’s Chop Chaz Neighborhood Dismantled by Police!

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  1. I sincerely hope that these guys are reflective of the black community at large. Everybody is tired of being played by leftists.

  2. Real comedy is based in truth. You and I know the truth and find this video (and others like it) funny. Liberals, on the other hand, deny the truth because they live in a theoretical, delusional cult world. Therefore, they take great offense at truth based comedy.

  3. Politicians that let this shit happen should have their bank accounts checked, to see if it was actual stupidity, or paid stupidity.

  4. Sh!t is hitting the fan at Mt Rushmore. Three white van’s showed up, blocked the road, burst their tires, removed some, slashed the other ones. They blocked the entrance so no one else can get in and they are making a scene. Mobilizing police getting out riot gear. The people that are in there want to remove them themselves. Right Side is broadcasting. Terrorist leftists. Could get interesting! They’ve been on notice that if they don’t leave and move back to their area they are going to get arrested.

  5. … meanwhile, PDT helicopters in

    these ‘protestors’ are so stupid

    P.S. right back at ya pianamusic

  6. Almost too much truth and funny to quote a single line!


    “People don’t move from being conservative to progressive unless they done lost their damned minds.”

  7. Wait, blacks making a video that is ripping on liberals? Why don’t the news media report on this? Nevermind.


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