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  1. From An Open Secret tweet via Jack Posobiec:
    Did you know? I did not…

    Jeffrey Dahmer was convicted in 1982 of exposing himself in front of children, in 1986 of exposing himself in front of two 12-year-old boys

    Both times, no jail

    1989 of drugging & fondling a 13-year-old boy

    1 year jail

    Dahmer later murdered 13 more victims

  2. As far as modern serial killers go, Dahmer is on Mt. Rushmore, as disturbing as that is. But the fact that a spade being called a spade creates such an uproar is just so tasty to me, I just want to create a savory rub and throw it on the smoker for a few hours. Yum!

  3. WAITER!
    I’ll have what JB ^^^ is having, thank you…

  4. Facts can’t interfere with the nihilists’ narrative.
    It is Forbidden! Verboten!

    The murder of Jesse Dirkhising (in 1999 two fags bound, drugged, tortured, and repeatedly raped 13 y/o Dirkhising before stuffing his underwear into his mouth to strangle him to death) was a Fag story, too, but got watered down and dissolved because of Fag pressure.

    Faggotry is noxious.
    izlamist are regular practitioners of faggotry (see Yasser Arafat, for instance)
    as are the Nazis (see Hermann Goering, for instance) and Biden’s recent “celebration” of faggotry using Elton John as his stooge.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. The amazing thing is that the Handmaids tale, while having roots in biblical ideals, is really about command and control, government tyranny, elitist having the best while the plebes take it with a smile on their face, no 1A no 2A, manmade dystopian hell. It’s all about what the left wants to do, indeed is doing. It’s really amazing to watch how blind the left is to their reality

  6. After this “outrage”, I’m guessing that “Monkeypox: The Untold Story” will definitely not be getting the LGBTQ tag.

  7. Back in the 90’s there was a child molester named Wesley Allen Dodd in Wash. state who killed a young boy in a Vancouver, Wash. theater restroom. He was convicted and chose to be executed rather than spend the rest of his life in prison because he knew that he was evil and would do it again if they ever released him from prison. The state of Wash. did execute him even after the left tried to save him because they thought that he could be redeemed. He knew the truth about himself and chose the to do the right thing even though the left tried to save him.

  8. erb: The amazing thing is that the Handmaids tale is that it shows what islamists want to do to women today (look at Iran right now) but the left seems cool with it.

  9. The wife and I have been binge-watching the Netflix show “Desinated Survivor” with Kiefer Sutherland. It stated out good, then by about the 10th episode, the liberal BS started popping up. Climate change, gun control, the pay gap for women, now every episode features some commie talking point. If it wasn’t for the sub-plot of a terrorist attack, which of course has now been revealed to be an alt-right group, the show would have nothing going for it at all.

  10. I do have to say that Dahmer’s recipe book outsold Elizabeth Warren’s “PowWow Chow” by 3 to 1…

    I’m not sure who bought the other two.

  11. While the left is always quick to declare “hypocrite” they rarely ever take a moment and consider their own double standards before raging incoherently. The media is a big factor in encouraging them in their delusions.

  12. My vintage medical textbooks had a more complete chapter on Mental Illness than those published these days…..


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