Jerome Corsi Claims To Have Proof Trump Was Surveilled By U.S. Government


HT/ c. steven tucker

15 Comments on Jerome Corsi Claims To Have Proof Trump Was Surveilled By U.S. Government

  1. Ya. Well, da-a. Trump wouldn’t have made his accusation without proof. everything he says pans out. Once again, 3D chess.P

  2. I will giggle like a 7 year old
    girl when that proof appears in the
    public. There is no doubt in my pin
    head that we have foreign operatives in
    the US just for the CIA to use for things
    such as this.

  3. Forget the P at the end of my comment. Dunno what happened except I’m on the ipad again, and I must be doing something dumb.

  4. It’s hardly a stretch to believe that the Øbamboozler would have watched the guy. The taqiyah sunrise-drinking, Gay-obsessed, spying, wire-tapping, eavesdropping, radical Marxist, Muzlim Mallard has well-known, eight year long history of doing exactly that to all his enemies!

  5. This is disgusting, and has no place in a free country. We need a non-swamp dweller president now more than ever, so we voted Trump into office. The Deep Swamp (deep state, if you like) will stop at nothing to destroy him, while Ryan-O’s try to deceive us into thinking they’re on our side.

    This is why we have primaries.

    So we elect a better challenger to Ryan – then what? Likely the next most bought and paid for RINO steps up to speaker, and we have the same problem.

    This is why we need to turn the RINOs and D’s out of office in huge numbers. Our current house and senate leadership must obey their donors, and that ain’t you or me.

    Godspeed, Mr. President. More winning, please.

  6. The real proof that there was surveillance of President Trump and associates is the yuge number of official denials that there was surveillance now being made by the professional liars of the FBI, CIA, NSA, Obummer, and the DemoKKKRats!

  7. Say what you want about Alex Jones. The guy is a weird hyper personality (probably jacked up on all the supplements he sells) but his investigative staff is top notch. I hear about stuff on his Youtube videos days before it hits conservative blogs and a week before it hits Fox (if it does at all).

  8. After months of denial, when the proof finally sees the light of day, the left will claim Obama HAD to do it because…RUSSIA! Be sure that the progressive spin machine is already spooling up.

  9. All the idiots at FooxUp Newz…
    Say there is no proof of surveillance at Trump Tower,
    How was a verbatim tape of General Flynn obtained,
    He was using a telephone at Trump Tower,
    Help! I just caught my we-we in my zipper!

  10. Maybe all the MSM wants to say it never happened, because if the truth gets out, does it show they had a hand in it?

  11. I come back here every week or two to see whats going on, and the first story I click on is an infowars story…how freaking sad. I cannot take seriously any site that gives Alex Jones any credibility.

    You must believe that BOOOOOOSH rigged the towers with thermolite and sent holagrams into the towers, the Pentagon, and the field in Pennsylvania if you ever link Alex Jones as a credible conservative.


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