Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University slaps New York Times with $10M suit for ‘made up’ COVID-19 story


Virginia’s conservative Liberty University today filed a $10 million defamation suit against the embattled New York Times for a “made up” and damaging story that falsely charged that students returning from spring break became infected with the coronavirus because the school stayed open.

In a 100-page suit, with exhibits, filed in Virginia’s Lynchburg Circuit Court, the 49-year-old school also charged that New York Times reporter Elizabeth Williamson and photographer Julia Rendleman ignored “No Trespassing” signs to tour the campus at a time when the school was trying to keep outsiders, who could potentially be infected with COVID-19, away.

The paper had no immediate comment. more

13 Comments on Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University slaps New York Times with $10M suit for ‘made up’ COVID-19 story

  1. good. The entire made up covid story has affected me too.

    Like, personally. Today. I went all this time with no mask and today my state goes tits up. Need a mask AND an appointment to get into most places.

    Yes I had many snappy comebacks and pissed off……1…3…6 distinct people. I was busy spreading the love indeed.

    Who the fudge do I sue?

  2. I would LOVE this case to go to a jury trial and win and have the jury give punitive damages on top. That is where my love is going this evening.

    I am praying for more and more pushback from the public against the draconian, nonsense, non-science, demands they are making now that the virus is actually on the wane.

  3. …well, they filed in Lynchberg, which is scary because it makes Black people think of lynchings, so that automatically invalidates their suit and requires they surrender all university assets to BLM forthwith and apologize for being White…

    …signed this day by my hand, the Honorably Offended judge driver Bubba Wallace

  4. Good! I hope Rev Falwell takes the Old Gray Dishrag to the cleaners!
    I don’t buy the NYSlime, but I will buy at least one copy for posterity when the headline declares “LAWSUIT PUSHES NYT INTO BANKRUPTCY”.

  5. @Aaron Burr – “good. The entire made up covid story has affected me too.”

    Welcome to the club my friend, I could walk to New Rochelle from where I live, IF I had the need or want to.

    And I work in a Hudson River town not to far from me, and I have to, upon entry to the office, take my own temporal temp AND wear a mask when walking around the office. NO ONE wears it at their office station though. As a staff we have been SPREAD throughout the small little building we are in.

    IF we take a trip out of state, AND WE ARE, when I get back to NYS I may have to self quarantine for two weeks.

    It’s weird and NUTS for sure.


  6. Yeah Ghost. They were going to institute taking your temperature where I work too but all they had was an old rectal thermometer.

  7. @Steve – IT IS the most accurate ya know! Well, that was in the days of good ole mercury, compared to the digital DAZE now. I failed to mention that after the temp is taken? It gets written down on a lined pad book. Today I was 96.0

    Speaking of the SHIT and rectal, compared to what we have now?? IT NEEDS BATTERIES. NOT THAT I AM SUGGESTING GOING BACKWARDS HERE.

    Oh, and if that is the case at your place? Just use a LOT of those sanitary wipes OR you can bring in a hand held steamer to kill the germs at 212 F.

    Hopefully, Ben Dover does not work there…


  8. @Aaron Burr – ‘You’re a germ laden Yankee.’ Actually, a Tom Seaver and Jerry Grote Met fan originally, THEN a Yankee fan with Munson, Bobby Mercer and later Mattingly.

    Got it?

    Btw, is not Arizona the most infected places ‘in the world’, or the States, right now?? And you said we should meet at that Lake Beach Club?? C’mon man!

    Just askin’?


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