Jerry Lewis Jitterbug

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  1. Sheree North. MGM contract starlet to replace Marylin Monroe.
    Played Kramers mom, babs.

  2. An estimated 100 Billion humans (as we know them, as such) have populated and died upon this Earth. And only one Jerry Lewis?

    Hey! Wish you were here, again, buddy.

  3. …weird to think that everyone in that clip is dead, but it’s very likely they all are…

  4. Jerry Lewis was a hell of an athlete to pull some of that shit off. He was never my cup of tea. Frank Sinatra can be blamed for splitting them. Martin had a voice like no other. Most talented member of the Rat Pack? I gotta go with Sammy Davis.

  5. @Brad – I read an article not too long ago that, surprisingly, Jerry Lewis was the much more popular one of the pairing. And that Dean’s songs suffered because of it. His lines and songs in their movies would be cut more, in Lewis’s favor of scenes. If I find the article again, I’ll post it. But, you are right, once he left Lewis and joined the Rat Pack, Dean Martin soared. 🙂

  6. I could never stand Jerry Lewis. Not funny at all. And a complete asswipe in real life.

    My mom liked Dean Martin, grew up listening to him. I liked his voice.

  7. FDR started March of Dimes. So in essence Jerry Lewis helped with the charade. I totally agree with you Aussie.

  8. Tuesday – You’re right. It started off as a comedy act to get their foot in the door, but let’s face it, crooning and comedy make about as much sense as easy listening rap! The two really don’t go together. Once they split and went their separate ways they both became hits in their own right. I was never a fan of Jerry Lewis (a minute of his schtick went a loooong way with me) but I would never deny his success.

  9. Never liked Jerry Lewis and the only time he comes to mind is when I think of the “Wings” episode where Helen went out with that guy with the hideous laugh and he took her to see a Jerry Lewis marathon. I apologize, I’m probably the only person here who really liked the show.

  10. Sheree North went on to appear in about every damn TV series there was thru the late 60′ and early 90’s. She was almost a permanent fixture on Alias Smith and Jones. She was on Magnum PI at least twice. She was Burt Lancaster’s love interest in the movie Lawman.

  11. Never realized Jerry Lewis could dance that well. The other shocker is Sheree North. She had some serious dramatic roles and a very prolific character actress. Never imagined her as a professional dancer. Really liked her in “Breakout” 1975 with Charles Bronson.

  12. 99th

    I never knew she was a dancer either. I’m hooked on a lot of the old TV shows. I just saw her in an old episode of Mannix a couple days ago.

  13. Yeah, Brad you’re right about Miss North being in a bunch of shows and movies, which I’ve seen. I love the old shows, too. Love nostalgia.
    I first saw her on “Baretta”. A decent show, despite Robert Blake’s shady ways. Kind of admire her for being able to work consistently in Hollywood. May have cost her something, but still – great work ethic and hustle.


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