Jesse Ventura Gets Nothing From Chris Kyle’s Widow

The attorney for Former Governor of Minnesota and Navy veteran Jesse Ventura filed papers yesterday in court that his client has agreed to settle his lawsuit with the estate of Chris Kyle with each side agreeing to pay their own legal fees.

Ventura had won a defamation lawsuit for $1.8 million for Kyle’s description in his autobiography “American Sniper” of a confrontation with an individual described as “Scruffy Face,” who Kyle later identified as Ventura. The case was overturned on appeal. Now he gets nothing.


24 Comments on Jesse Ventura Gets Nothing From Chris Kyle’s Widow

  1. FTA: Ventura now has a commentary show on Russian television, which in most areas can only be accessed on the internet.

    Whuuuut??? Have we found someone even worse than Keith Olbermann???
    This Commie Dipshit must have all the mental agility of a small plant stand!

  2. Ventura’ s a scumbucket.

    This should be his final ticket to Oblivion.

    He has that “homeless meth addict living under a bridge” look now.

    His lawyers will strip him now of everything, like piranhas.

    He may see the inside of a cardboard box after all.

  3. @MJA: His signature accomplishment was lowering license plate tab fees (by quite a lot actually). But before you claim him to be the hero of the working stiff, he drives a Porsche and was bitching about how much he had to pay for fees.

  4. Janos (AKA Ventura) may very well change his name back to reflect his birth certificate.

    Humiliating defeat all the way around.
    He more than earned it……if there were any doubts about his integrity and credibility, this alone should be the final straw.

  5. So long Shithead. Hope you can stretch those wrastlin’ dollars down in Mexico where you will hopefully live the rest of your days shutting the Hell up.

  6. taya, the widow, still has to eat her legal fees……this is not what i call a “victory”…… me, it looks like he gets away with putting the kyle family through hell, and walks away unscathed…….he should have had to pay her lawyers, at the least….piece of pumpkin spice anus……..

    ……put that in there just to show my contempt for “pumpkin spice” anything…..our local jiffy lube offers “pumpkin spice” oil changes in october……… 🙂

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