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Jesse Ventura wants to be Bernie Sanders’ running mate

FAM: Minnesota is famous for three things. Being the only state to vote for Walter Mondale in the 1984 presidential election. Electing a radical Muslim Keith Ellison to the House of Representatives. And finally electing a nut like Jesse Ventura as governor.

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Now Jesse Ventura wants to be Bernie Sanders’ running mate if Sanders get the Democrat nomination for president. Based on how Hillary Clinton has and is continuing to fall, the Democrats electing an admitted socialist for their presidential candidate isn’t as crazy as it seems. And what a better running mate for the communist/socialist Sanders than a complete POS like Jesse Ventura? That’s the perfect match.

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  1. YES! DO IT! Sink that sucker. Both of them. The entire Democratic Party, in fact.
    Hell, Jesse’s cheese just didn’t slip off his cracker, it jumped off and ran away.
    If Bernie approves this little action, maybe Taya Kyle can go back to court and prove insanity on Jesse’s part, and have that lawsuit judgement against Chris overturned.

  2. We also have a washed up comedian, Al Franken as US Senator, Add to that Crazy eyes Dayton as current Governor and who wants to forget Paul Welstone, ultimate green lefty progtard. Truly land of 10,000 loons!!!!!

  3. Haven’t there been enough whiners and cowards roaming the White House lately? If he thinks we need another one, then IMHO, he’s the one the fill the shoes.

  4. Are Minnesotans retarded? Most Minnesotans would say “No”, “Of course not”, “What kind of stupid question is that”.

    The rest of the U.S. screams a resounding “Yes”.

  5. There’s always the 0-4 record in Superbowls that they can bask in as well as being the first 15-1 regular season team to not make it to the SB (full disclosure, ex-Minnesotan and still fan of the Vikings).

  6. Ventura proves, despite what some verbose want-a-be warriors who regularly post here, not just anyone who dawns a uniform for America is one of our best, and a hero. You understand that now, Sir?

  7. BFH, you almost nailed it. The innate desire of Minnesotans to be represented by clowns in state and federal elections is only a manifestation of the actual problem. Having moved to Minnesota when I was 12 but left by 28 (I like to think I got off early due to good behavior) I can tell you what the root cause is. … wait for it… An undying love for “professional wrestling”. (and I don’t mean WWF I mean the guys at your local bar who are 48 and are living out their high school dreams of being in the ring on a Saturday afternoon)

    When you understand that then Al Franken, Jesse ‘the Body’ all come into focus. Al Franken is the weasel manager that slips a foreign object into the ring so the antagonist can rebound and keep fighting the protagonist. Jesse is the guy who was bad then became good then bad again and now is a wild card but mostly batshit crazy with a flare of bad. Its an epic drama that no doubt comes from the hinter lands of Norway or Sweden and of course the Norwegians hate the Swedes and the Swedes hate the Norwegians. Its complected and my 16 years living there was not enough time to crack that particular puzzle.

    As proof that I have lived among born and inbred DFL (Democrat Farm & Labor) I will share two phrases that sounded to me like nails on a chalkboard for over 16 years: 1. “will you borrow me that ” and 2. “will you learn me how to …” I do use “Anywho” but mainly to see the look on peoples faces from the Eastern sea-bored states when they hear “anyyywho0o”. (you have to hold the “Y” and the “ooo”. Again, don’t ask me why its just one of those thinks. Like Ludafisk. (a bullet I was able to dodge but still keep my street cred; at some point you have to either sit in a sauna until O dark a.m and then run from the 110 degree sauna to roll in the crystallized snow in just your swim trunks all the while at 20 below- a bullet I was not able to dodge but you do what you have to do when in Rome or this case Prior Lake Minnesota circa 1985 I assure you when you have to choose between Sauna/Snow or Ludafisk you will go with the NOT the Ludafisk option every time)

    Hoped that help in understanding our special needs cousins in Minnesota. Fall, the whole 1 week of it is beautiful. I’d say plan a trip to see it but there is now way to hit that 1 week window. Too early and the leaves are still green and too late all the leaves are on the ground and your lucky if it is 10 above in the day.

  8. Yes, 51% of Minnesnowta voters are mentally deficient. Their lefties send the best of their lot to Berkeley and Frisco.
    Don’tcha just hate it when all the good cab drivers are too busy to run for demo veep?

  9. You forgot to mention the Germans didn’t like either the Norwegians or the Swedes, but I think that was more of a Catholic versus Luthern thing.

    My parents were from Minnesota, and I have great grandparents from all three countries, plus some Danish and French Canadian.

    I have cousins who think it is a cardinal sin to vote for a Republican.

    They bitch about all the taxes being taken in their paychecks, but can’t make the connection between taxes and the people they elect.

    Are they screwed up? You betcha!

  10. Gunny,
    My apologies in advance, but the Grammar Nazi in me feels compelled (COMPELLED, mind you) to correct your spelling from “dawns” (morning sunrise) to “dons”.
    Your welcome.

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