Jesse Watters: Bernie Sanders is ‘dangerously stupid’ – IOTW Report

Jesse Watters: Bernie Sanders is ‘dangerously stupid’

‘The Five’ react to the self-described democratic socialist’s response to uprisings in Cuba.

9 Comments on Jesse Watters: Bernie Sanders is ‘dangerously stupid’

  1. They must defend socialism at all costs, no matter how tortured their “logic”. Last week the media said the demonstrations were due to Covid.

  2. Or… put a nuther way, you don’t have to be real smart to be a worthless, Communist, federal tit-sucking parasite!

  3. It’s a measure of our own wealth and tolerance that people like Bernie and his supporters are even allowed to draw a free breath.

  4. Lazy Communist son of a whore is worried that freedom might break out, and him and his elitist friend will lose their private tropical vacation spot.

  5. My college-educated dyke daughter has a Bernie! sticker on her car. For a Rush baby she sure has fallen by the wayside.

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