Jesse Watters Puts Yovanovitch Firing In Stark Perspective

Under Obama, ambassadors were coming back in body bags.

10 Comments on Jesse Watters Puts Yovanovitch Firing In Stark Perspective

  1. Once again I ask how do these miserable failures, misfits and dirt-bags like Yovanovitch keep getting into positions of authority and prominence in our government?

  2. Great question!
    Brandon was called out for pointing out no-talent relatives got the jobs in Hollywood. Like its changed?
    Luckily, it’s 11:26
    Bye bye to the TV!
    best to everyone

  3. Jesse is coming into his own.
    He gives Won the hell he deserves.
    Fox, can we please replace Wallace with Jesse?
    Wallace is a transparent, tasteless, tactless impersonation of his father.

  4. Lest we forget, Clintons fired ALL US attorneys on Day One. As for Hillary, she not only fired her personal attorney, she told him to go to a public park and blow his own brains out. Where was the outrage?

    Anyhow, that’s my stark perspective. See what I did there, BFH?

  5. Where are the republicans that are PAID to represent & protect the Citizens?! Where are the “impeachment investigations” of Pelosi, Biden, Kerry (and all others) whose SPAWN were stuffing their pockets with OUR tax dollars?! ALL this “impeachment circus” is, is running interference to protect the corrupt Biden, Kerry, Pelosi, and how many OTHER of their families that have been stealing OUR taxes.
    Adam Schitt is just protecting his “Tribal brother’s” STEALING of Our taxes.
    I worked HARD for those dollars Washington TOOK from me …. those dollars that did not feed MY family …
    and that BASTARD Biden is stealing MY family’s money so HIS family can live FAT and EASY.

  6. Yovanovitch didn’t have anything to say, and she did it pretty well. Tough to set there for hours facing well worded questions, and avoid perjury after all the prepping by Shifty’s staff.


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