Jesus Campos Was Never in Hiding – He Just Completed an Appearance on Ellen


In clips of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” supplied to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Campos reviewed the events of the shooting, recounting how he was alerted to check on a door that was ajar. He said he was on the stairwell going from the 31st to the 32nd floor and came upon a door that was blocked and wouldn’t open. So he rerouted through a hallway and called security dispatch to get an engineer to check on the blocked door. The worker summoned would be Schuck.

Campos said he then heard drilling sounds and believed the slamming of the heavy door he passed through to get to the 32nd floor alerted Paddock to his presence. Paddock shot through the door and hit Campos in the leg.

“I was walking down and heard rapid fire,” he said. “And at first I took cover. I felt a burning sensation. I went to go lift my pant leg up and I saw the blood. That’s when I called it in on my radio that shots have been fired.

“And I was going to say that I was hit, but I got on … my cellphone just to clear radio traffic so they could coordinate the rest of the call.”

Schuck said he came to the 32nd floor from a higher floor via a service elevator and rounded the corner. Campos was toward the end of the hallway, but Schuck said he didn’t know that at first.

“I thought I saw someone hop out of the cubby, and I kept walking,” Schuck said. “Once I got more than halfway is when I saw Jesus and I started to hear shooting.”

Shuck said he thought the sound was a jackhammer at first but knew that was unlikely. He also thought the shooting sound was outside and not in the hallway yet.

Campos leaned out and said, “Take cover, take cover,” Schuck said.

“He yelled at me, and within milliseconds, if he didn’t say that, I would have got hit. I wasn’t fully in cover, and (shots) were passing behind my head and I could feel the pressure.”

Campos said a female guest came out of another room’s door and he told her to go back in because it wasn’t safe. Campos told Schuck to stay back and take cover. More rounds from the shooter’s guns followed, Campos said.

 Campos seemed to acknowledge that he wouldn’t revisit the events of Oct. 1 after his interview with DeGeneres.

DeGeneres said, “You’re talking about it now and then you’re not going to talk about it again, and I don’t blame you because why relive this over and over?” Campos nodded.

Campos then thanked Metro, the FBI, the first responders, people who got called into the hospitals, and the community for coming together valiantly.

“Everything puts pieces together on how everyone came together to help that night even in the darkest hour,” Campos said.

The question of Campos’ location first arose Thursday, when Campos failed to show up to five television interviews scheduled by the International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America.

His neighbors haven’t seen him in a few days. No “Jesus Campos” is registered as a guest at any MGM properties on the Strip.

And while calls to his listed telephone numbers continue to go unanswered, Metropolitan Police Department spokesman Larry Hadfield said Campos is “fully cooperating with the investigation.”


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20 Comments on Jesus Campos Was Never in Hiding – He Just Completed an Appearance on Ellen

  1. I’m surprised Jimmy Kimmel’s token Mexican puppet Guillermo, (who performs entire sketches designed to make fun of his accent & ethnic laziness, to the roar of the audience) didn’t bring him on the show.
    Maybe Guillermo didn’t want to align himself with “illegal” brethren?
    Don’t watch Ellen, but will be interesting to see if this airs or she loses the taped interview after a call from the FBI.

  2. This is getting worse by the day. The audio recordings of the guy Shuck are unreal. He is under 200 plus rounds of fire and sees Jesus Campos shot, and he is as monotone and calm as if hes reporting a leaking water pipe. Its not believeable.

    Of course, “Campos the Amazing” audio recordings have not been released/dont exist. He too is under a barage of AR15 fire in a confined hallway, gets shot, and is so selfless he decides let me call on my cellphone instead of using my portable radio (which happens to be recorded) so that I can clear the air for the other guards whor ARE NOT SHOT and NOT ON THE 32 FLOOR. The wounded guard fumbles with a cellphone instead of calling on the radio? Nope…

    I invite combat veterans and police officers to weigh in on the likelihood of these two bozos being that calm, while unarmed, in a confined space, no vests, under heavy rifle fire. So calm that their voices betray no panic or fear.

    Its just getting worse. One interview on the hard hitting Ellen show, he declares he is not doing any other interviews and you will never see him again. This guy could make a life time of security guard pay in his 15 minutes of fame doing interviews on the big networks and magazines, he could become the poster boy for anti-gun organizations and make a fortune, he could even het paid for his part in the movie. But no, he is going to disappear and remain silent because its “too painful” to talk about. Yeah right.

  3. They were reading from a script prepared by the FBI.
    This whole thing is a Fast and Furious type of gun deal aimed at ISIS until the shooter double crossed the FBI.
    Wanna bet?

  4. Truly bizarre.

    60 Minutes? Nope. Evening News? Nope.

    Twatlicking Leftist daytime, feel good fluffer? Yup and I ain’t ever talking about it again.

    Super weird. Who is his handler.

  5. Did they dance? Why does he not want to be interviewed where he would face questions on the timeline? Instead lets send him on Ellen where he can play up being a victim and a hero?
    Who the hell while under fire is going to get off their radio and call on their cellphone where they have to wait for the call to go through and wait for someone to answer?

    He’s not going to do anymore interviews, LE is not going to do anymore press conferences. So everyone just move along now.

    This thing stinks worse than a dead fish.

  6. So, he went on the highest bidder’s show.
    That, on top of what everyone else here is suggesting, sort of thins out this guy’s credibility.

  7. The FBI owes an explanation to the country for another one of their failures.

    If they don’t want people to traffic in conspiracy theories then they should stop acting like there’s a conspiracy.

  8. This is quite strange, what’s with all the back rubbing and leg patting? This was not an interview, it was a fluff piece. Nothing was told, just what a hero he was who saved all these lives. So he told a guy too damn stupid to know what gun fire sounded like and apparently too damn stupid to know those were bullets coming at his head to take cover, told a woman(who the hell is the woman and what did she hear, see and when?) who also apparently did not know what gun fire sounded like to get back in. I still would like to know how the hell he gained so much weight in a week, his face wasn’t this fat in his award picture and what happened to the glasses? The back rubber needs to cut back on the hair gel and I really don’t know what his purpose was to being there unless it was to comfort Campos.
    Yay, they got NFL tickets for their trouble so they can go cheer on the police hating, country hating, Trump hating kneelers.


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