‘Jesus Wept’…

West’s final words: ‘In the beginning, God created man. And Jesus wept. That’s all.’

In what appears to have been a ploy to put off his execution for a few more days, Tennessee death row inmate Stephen West chose to be executed by the electric chair rather than lethal injection. His wish was carried out on Thursday. Here

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  1. “And” does not appear in the ‘Jesus wept’ verse. It was two words in the King James translation. Which took a shitload of liberties and was edited out the ass on at least two occasions. Most western christians seem to want to ignore those editing sessions and I’m fine with that too.

    The lessons are good for a people taught to be easy to govern, and the miracles are a wonderful recruiting device.

  2. The linked article appears to be a condemnation of the death penalty. “Rule of law” imposes penalties for those unwilling or incapable of following those many laws (clintons don’t count). The death penalty might be the most severe, but I think public hangings are in order.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  3. Saw it all on “The Green Mile” the execution of John Coffey
    Executing innocent people seems to be a thing with liberals.
    But abortion is not. They never get a trial.

  4. @ Crackerbaby

    He stabbed to death a woman and raped and murdered(stabbed) her 15 year old daughter 33 fricking years ago. IMHO he didn’t die soon enough and with FAR less pain than he deserved.

  5. 16 paraghs before any mention of what the S.O.B. did.

    That writer and editor have ass backwards values.

    as long as that article is quoting the murderer quote Holy write, Gen 9:6.

  6. Notice the trend? There was the report the other day about how resourceful, ingenious and green the hermit child rapist is, but without ever mentioning he’s a child rapist.

    They admire sex abusers. They just can’t come out and say it yet.

  7. who gives a rat’s ass about this rapist/killers last Biblical babblings?
    never forget, when you hear about these stories, it’s probably not the first time these crapweasels have perpetrated this crime. it’s just the first time they’ve been caught & brought to justice
    never forget, this waste of skin & hair lived 33 years longer than his victim. who deserved to live those years? him, or the person he murdered?
    yeah, I give 2 shits about his fucked-up version of Bible verse readings

  8. The *ahem* writer, Steven Hale, has one job with the Nashville Scene and that is to write anti-death penalty articles that seek to humanize monsters.

    Not one person on death row deserves to die according to anything he’s ever put to paper. No action they could have done to warrant the punishment. No cruelty too much to forfeit their life.

    Somebody’s either not a MENSA candidate, didn’t get enough hugs as a child or was a victim of society that mitigates whatever they did. So, in a way, it’s really your fault if you think about it.

    This is the same paper that said the week before that we need more Steve “Fried Chicken Man” Cohens.

  9. Oddly enough I suspect that Jesus did weep because as Judge Roy notes he needed to beg for forgiveness as a starter and it seems that he was only trying to make us feel bad for him – so good odds on him meeting God and then Satan shortly thereafter.

  10. “….the sound of his weeping…”

    Please feel free to go fuck yourself. This animal brutalized and murdered two women. The only unfair thing he got was too much time. He should have got the big zap years ago.

  11. Capital punishment for murder is gruesome for a reason – to deter capital crimes. Duh, to writer of article, sympathetic to the killer. Man inherently is capable of heinous things. There has to be a way to discourage man from self destruction.

    As for the quote, it appears the killer was attempting a feeble appeal to God by quoting unrelated scripture passages.
    Jesus wasn’t weeping over a unrepentant murder. He was weeping for a friend who died and whom Jesus, after 3 days, raised from the dead to prove Jesus is the Son of God.
    It also was a foreshadowing of Jesus’ death and Resurrection, including the promise for those who know him as Savior and Lord, they will experience life after death in Heaven. The Holy Bible, John 11.

  12. Just another example of the positive attributes provided by coal fired electricity. Whatever the POS had to say is irrelevant.

  13. I have lived in Knoxville almost 5 years now. Have heard about this animal often.

    This was a distasteful but absolutely necessary task that the community has cried out for, for decades.

    If Jesus wept, it was for this animal’s victims.

  14. Wow! The writer of THAT article had no bias or sympathy toward brutal killers who deserved every volt of electricity that ran through their bodies… NOT!

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