Jif puts out a jar of Gif peanut butter

I don’t care if the creator of the gif file format pronounces it “jif.”

GIF stands for Graphic Interchange Format. The G in the acronym is a hard G – GRAPHIC, thus GIF as in GIFT.

The line of people butter is supposed to teach people that Gif is pronounced Jif.

You know what I like? Peanut butter and Gelly (hard G) sandwiches.


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  1. Gumpin Gehosephat, I like Jif, but not Gif. Do you get the gist of what I’m sayin? And by the way, is it Gerry, Jerry, or Gary?

  2. Peanut butters different than when I was young. I remember often having to stir it as the oils would rise to the top. Now only the natural ones do that.

  3. How stupid. The first word in the acronym is Graphic. If it was Jraphic, then soft ‘g’. It’s not. So it is hard ‘g’, GIF.

  4. It’s been Gif forever. Hard g. Graphic. Never Jif.

    That was until millennials entered the workforce, and like everything else, they think they know better. Jif is the all girl Ghostbusters.

  5. “G” and “C” go soft before “i, e, y” but there are so many exceptions to the rule, there is no grammatical reason to force an acronym to abide by this, especially when it should reflect the hard “g” prefix.

    It’s hard “G” GIF.

  6. P/B & Tapatio Hot sauce.

    white bread 3 slices
    Peanut Butter
    Tapatio or other mild hot sauce

    P/B on two slices
    Tapatio on both sides of middle slice

    I use Texas Toast


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