Jihadi Bride Returns to Germany, Arrested on Arrival

Breitbart Europe:

BERLIN (AP) – A German woman accused of joining the Islamic State group in Syria and marrying an IS fighter has been arrested on arrival in Germany.

Federal prosecutors said the woman, identified only as Nasim A., was arrested Friday evening. They said Saturday she had been detained by Kurdish forces early this year and held at the al-Hawl camp in north-eastern Syria. more

6 Comments on Jihadi Bride Returns to Germany, Arrested on Arrival

  1. In Germany she’ll be considered a victim and given keys to the city while some schmuck who objects will go to prison for hate speech.

  2. Geknerde@10:15am

    Not Patti Hearst – not even close. Hearst was kidnapped for ransom and a victim before she was manipulated into helping rob a bank.

    This woman was interested in going overseas to become a part of ISIS. Nobody forced her.

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