Jill Biden is the answer

American Thinker: Almost every night, all of America is witness to Joe Biden’s seemingly progressive mental decline on full display.  The decline expresses itself in surprisingly different forms each night.  It all adds up to what we laymen are certain is age-advanced dementia.

Biden can’t remember words, places, or people.  He recalls he was once in the “Obiden-Bama” administration and is now  running for “U.S. Senate.”  Facts and figures are even more challenging.  Even hardcore conservatives cringe with sadness as Biden slurs his way through the mental fog.  So why is Joe Biden running for president, given his age and mental decline?  Why?  People often ask, “How could Biden’s family allow this to continue?”

While grifter Hunter Biden isn’t likely to discourage old Joe, what about Joe’s wife of 42 years, Jill Biden?  Shouldn’t the good “Doctor” Jill step in and make the call to retire Joe to Florida or at least to Southern Delaware?  Let’s consider some questions:

Who is the one person who knows better than anyone that Joe Biden’s mental faculties are in serious decline?

Answer: Jill Biden

Who is the one person with the power to make Joe Biden retire from politics?

Answer: Jill Biden

Who is the one person closest to Joe who encouraged him and now enables him to run for the presidency for a third time?

Answer: Jill Biden

When asked why Joe Biden was running for president, who told The View, “I wasn’t ready to run, but then…Charlottesville happened”?

Answer: Jill Biden

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  1. The Edith Wilson template is frightening. Too bad for Jill that Woodrow was still mentally competent when he was inaugurated. Jill didn’t figure that Joe would lose his marbles so quickly. Time to end the charade, Jill.

  2. It’s not like it’s not going to happen, it’s just a matter of timing at this point. Binder is just a placeholder whose sole purpose is to take out Comrade Bernie.

  3. Thirdtwin: “Jill didn’t figure that Joe would lose his marbles so quickly.”

    I think it was more that she and the rest never full grasped how few marbles Joe had to begin with.

  4. Meanwhile the only thing missing is the Benny Hill Yakety Sax music as they keep Jackass Joe propped up to fend off the feds!

  5. “Even hardcore conservatives cringe with sadness as Biden slurs his way through the mental fog.”

    While I wouldn’t wish dementia on anyone, I have absolutely no pity for this smarmy, arrogant, condescending piece of shit. He has been raiding the public treasury, and screwing “we the people…(you know the rest)” for decades. I look forward to when he pisses himself on live TV.

  6. Im Joes age and making many of the same mental errors…stuck for words; forget the point right in the middle of a good rant to my wife or a friend; etc. I fear that Al’s Heimer is creeping up on me but then I remember “hey! I’ve always been a dumb shit”. It sure makes me feel better.

  7. He is not going to win.
    They Know he won’t win.
    They need a placeholder until Trump does his 8 years.
    They need someone to blame.
    They are waiting & hoping that all of the “Fucked Four” don’t get re-elected.
    They are waiting for Bernie to retire.
    They are waiting for the party to re-define itself somewhere less socialist and more willing to just take bribes & Quid Pro Quo. (Democrat traditionalism)
    They are waiting for Hillary to finally shut up/ Die/ stop Arkanciding.
    I could go on…

    Biden is just the Lamb about to be offered up in place of nothing else available YET. Cuomo???

  8. “We’ve never known anything but politics, it’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle”

    She sees herself as American royalty.

  9. Jill Biden is there to keep Sad Joe more or less in the game until they’re ready to launch acclimation candidate at the convention. Then he’ll be packed off to the family home to suffer through the hell of dementia whereupon all his “friends” and supporters will desert him.

  10. Power Money and Control is the only reason anyone wants “Joe”. The ability to manipulate him from behind the curtain is what they want, a blank puppet to steer as required. Humans do it all the time Jill and other “friends” included. And if that horse doesn’t pull, the Vice (fill in the blank) President will.

  11. “This is nothing more than elder abuse.”

    Ahhhh. But the only best of its kind. Joe Pedo deserves every bit of humiliation at the beset of his very public cognitive decline. Sneaking a feel on little girls in front of the cameras.


  12. @Maker — President Trump has never been one to speak extemporaneously in complete sentences. He doesn’t need to; he gets his points across very clearly. A long time ago I learned to pay very little attention to what people in power say, and to pay a great deal of attention to what they do. What President Trump has done and is doing has my enthusiastic 100% approval.

    OK, make that 98%, but seeing as most other pols get 0-10% I’m still very happy.

  13. “Have you all heard Trump speak lately? Talk about not being able to put a sentence together.”

    If that were truly the case, then the enemedia wouldn’t be trying to blackout his Chinavirus press conferences, no?

    I know, I know…I wasted 30 seconds on a troll. Just bored, I guess.

  14. While watching his last few interviews and “town halls” it’s like you can see the vascular dementia strokes occurring real-time.
    His condition is rapidly escalating. They can’t keep him in hiding during most of the campaign and propping him up for occasional appearances. That obviously didn’t work for Hitlery.
    He won’t make it to the convention.

  15. “We’ve never known anything but politics, it’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle”

    She sees herself as American royalty.

    Actually, more akin to la Cosa Nostra.
    Worthless parasitic existence.

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. @Maker – granted Trump is not a very good ad lib speaker, but we’re talking about a man who forgets his train of thought, forgets basic facts and questions himself in the middle of a sentence.

    Think what you will of Trump, but there aint no comparison.

  17. You people are nuts. Trumps off the cuff remarks are brilliant. You must miss obamas’ “me,me, me, or I, I, I”. His WH pressers are brilliant. The way he puts people in their place is brilliant.

  18. Who wants to live in the White House so badly she would sacrifice her husband’s well being to accomplish her desire?

    Answer: Jill Biden

  19. @Anonymous – “…You people are nuts. Trumps off the cuff remarks are brilliant…”

    You missed the point. You are referring to WHAT Trump says, I am referring to HOW he says it. And that is what most people’s criticisms are about. Believe me, I love what he says.

    For your benefit, here is the definition of Syntax:

    1a : the way in which linguistic elements (such as words) are put together to form constituents (such as phrases or clauses)
    b : the part of grammar dealing with this
    2 : a connected or orderly system : harmonious arrangement of parts or elements

  20. In his favor, he is no less lucid than your average Seattle Democrat voter. The ones who’s pot shops are an essential business in times of crisis.

  21. At some point Joe will be gone from the news faster than the speed of light with not a word about him mentioned in the press.
    On to the real Dem deal.

  22. Democrats can do anything …polls will show a Biden landslide, media will convince public that Trump has destroyed the earth and killed millions of people, and Biden could die and win with a stand in appointed later…if it is Hillary or buttigieg we will learn to pray to them…the future before 2050 will see slavery, described as a growing middle class, or civil war..as in South Africa, the individual will be stamped out..

  23. Has Trump ever been able to get an answer out without the press interrupting him and talking over him?

    People wait in the rain for his engagements.

    He is currently dealing with:
    & Romney every 6 months who is like a hemorroid on a Bullriders ASS.

    I think he is doing GREAT!


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