Jill Biden Misstates Number of Grandchildren She and Joe Have

I bet she left out the kid Hunter had with the stripper.
You’d think DOCTOR Jill would be quicker with the numbers.

Breitbart: Dr. Jill Biden, the former second lady of the United States, misstated the number of grandchildren she has with her husband, Joe, during a virtual town hall over the weekend.

The Bidens, who have been sequestered in Delaware since mid-March because of the Coronavirus, hosted a live stream discussion on how families could adjust to life amid the pandemic. During the introductory portion of the town hall, Jill Biden elaborated on the precautions her own family was taking.

“We have three children, and we have six grandchildren,” the former second lady said, with her husband adding their grandchildren ranged from “seniors in law school to little infants.”

The number, though, is inaccurate. The Bidens, in fact, have seven grandchildren in total. Two are from their late-son Beau’s marriage to Hallie Olivere, while five are from their son Hunter’s various relationships. The latter’s youngest offspring are likely the “little infants,” Joe Biden invoked during the town hall.

The fifth of Hunter’s children, a boy, was born on March 28 to Melissa Cohen, a South African filmmaker. The couple, who reside in a $12,000-per-month rental in the Hollywood hills, wed in May 2019 after knowing each other for less than a week. more

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  1. 6 … 7 … what difference, after all this time, does it make?

    Seen one Biden; seen em all.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. How can you not know how many grandchildren you have? I have 4 granddaughters, the oldest will be 4 in July, the next one will be 3 this Sunday on Easter and my 2 youngest granddaughters will be 1 year old in July and the youngest, 1 in Sept. And I’m also assuming that I may have another grandchild come early next year from my daughter and son in law in Nashville.

  3. This Jill sux.

    I tooken my granchirren (all 17 ov em) on ;my nees and tried to get em to kiss Rodney – my sock puppet ………… she don’t no, she mostly messes round wiff the pool boy l………

  4. It was proven Hunter’s the father. Why be dicks about it? That baby is the only innocent one in that whole family.
    Everybody knows it so just admit it.

  5. Her “misstatement” may be the result of a poorly chosen mnemonic: she ties the grandkid count to the highest number Joey can count to, and that’s now only six. In the morning. On a good day.

  6. “The couple, who reside in a $12,000-per-month rental in the Hollywood hills, …. ”

    12,000 dollars a month rental?


  7. Dr. Jill’s Doctorate in Education didn’t require any educational courses like math! She probably had to knit a doily with a witty saying on it like “It’s for the kids” or give teachers more and more money, or cut their workload and hours, or don’t blame me for being stupid and not educating your kids, etc!

  8. After graduating from State University, the number of letters you have after your name may be inversely proportional to your intelligence. The more letters you have the dumber you are.

  9. “Education 101” – you hit the nail on the head: jill biden probably got then’wink-wink’ degree.

  10. Well at least he’s made progress since 2008 when he said “J-O-B-S is a three letter word”! Maybe by the time he’s 175 years old he’ll be able to count to 100…

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