Jill Biden to undergo ‘common medical procedure’

Wa Ex:

President Joe Biden will accompany his wife, Jill Biden, to a “common medical procedure” on Wednesday, according to the White House.

The planned appointment, details about which were sparse when it was revealed Monday evening, will take place on a busy day for the White House.

Biden will accompany the first lady, 69, in the morning “to an appointment for a common medical procedure at an outpatient center in Washington, DC. Afterward, the President and the First Lady will return to the White House to resume their normal schedule,” a White House official said.

The president’s schedule said Biden will receive his daily brief in the Oval Office at 10:15 a.m.

Biden is then scheduled to deliver remarks on Afghanistan in the Treaty Room of the White House at 2:15 p.m.

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  1. Should we guess?

    Gynocology exam
    Adenoids removal
    Scabies diagnosis
    Removing Dianny’s foot from her ass

  2. …I’m not even allowed to accompany MY wife to ‘common medical procedures’. She got an endoscopy the other day and I had to sit in the parking lot for 3 hours till they called me, and then it only said ROBO CALL on my phone. Thank God everything went all right because there wasn’t a fuckton I could have done to watch over or care for her from the cab of a fucking pickup truck.

    Thanks Democrats.

    We took my mother-in-law to the ER a couple months ago with a suspected heart attack and they wouldn’t let her daughter past the doors because of FakeFlu bullshit, they took her phone number and told her they’d call for MPA needs or if she died, and again there we are sitting in a damn vehicle outside a possibly fatal emergency with a loved one. It ended well in this case, but there’d have been some nurses that would have needed a hospital if it hadn’t.

    Thanks Democrats.

    …and then these hypocrites who only use each other for window dressing, these two fucking frauds, this attention seeking old cougar and het syphilis addled pedophile dementia patient who CLEARLY could give a rat’s ass about each other, THEY are allowed to violate THEIR bullshit COVID restrictions to play act pretend lovey-dovey concerned husband and endangered wife? Like they don’t wish each other dead? Like Joe hadn’t killed a wife BEFORE? And Pravda/TASS will lick it up and serve it to us as seriously nauseating fawning coverage of a complete LIE?!??


    These asshole fucking grifters need a lifectomy with a short rope and a long drop, not Jill’s hormone and penicillin shots. And she’s not 10 so what the hell is Joe gonna do, will they put him in the pediatric waiting room so he can molest while she rests? And is that woman, evil and whorish as she may be REALLY stupid enough to give THAT guy MPA?

    These fuckers make me SICK. I hope they BOTH contract MERSA from a dirty doorknob and so shorten their way to the Hell they deserve for the Hell they’ve put us through.

    I hope they die screaming.

    Very soon.

    Fuck them.

    Fuck them to DEATH.

  3. It’s certainly not a brain insertion because they would not risk her becoming a Conservative.

  4. I remember James Herriot the British veterinary surgeon, who wrote several books about treating pets and livestock. He wrote of how some old cow’s udders would droop so low that the cow and others in the herd would trod on them. I am not sure what the procedure was called for tying them up so the wouldn’t get stepped on.

  5. Having “Lumpy” removed from her ass? He forgot to stop when she did.

    Or maybe having the tether to slobbering Joe tightened?

  6. She’s having her tubes tied in case her stepson Hunter get horned-up in a coked-up stupor and discovers she’s a woman whom he hasn’t laid. She certainly doesn’t need another baby when she’s got Diaper Joe and going to be 70 in June.

  7. Doctor Jill is getting all the free medical she can before she has to give up the VP position to First Gentleman, Mr. Kamala.

    Can you believe this sh!t is happening after a nice four-year pause in the Decline and Fall of America?

  8. Though I am not happy or pleased with this administration i do pray for my enemies and wish them no harm, i leave all in The Lord’s care.He is the judge and jury i am but a witness.So ,i will see to my salvation and trust in Him because He is faithful to keep his promise to forgive me. I pray all goes well for her and they find nothing more wrong with her than is already present.😉

  9. It’s proally some pelvic organ prolapse which could be as simple as the uterus or may involve any one or multiple other organs that are slipping downward, which is extremely common in women “Dr.” Jill’s age.

  10. ” And he said unto them, Ye will surely say unto me this proverb, Physician, heal thyself: whatsoever we have heard done in Capernaum, do also here in thy country.”
    Luke 4:23

  11. Jill Biden to undergo ‘common medical procedure’

    Jill Biden to undergo “common medical pedicure” it’s a news breaking story. She’s got to take her net stockings off first.

  12. Anonymous
    APRIL 14, 2021 AT 6:52 AM
    “Getting that extra Asshole Removed?”

    …nope, they said Joe would be coming back…

  13. She must be getting the chancres, warts, herpes, and carbuncles scraped from her geriatric, high mileage, worn out, adulterous old pussy.

  14. Is she having sexual re-assignment surgery? You know, since according to the media hacks, we are all gay or transitioning at this point.

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