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Jill Biden’s Wardrobe Consultant is Kamala Harris’ Speechwriter

There is no other reasonable explanation that makes sense.  Jill Biden’s wardrobe consultant/clothier must also be Kamala Harris’ speechwriter. MORE

h/t illustr8r, Doc.

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  1. She’s not wearing it correctly, it’s supposed to be pulled down below the shoulders. Those styles aren’t made for old women. I believe it was the 80’s when they were popular.
    So she’s wearing a dress that she’s too old for and doesn’t even know how to wear it correctly, although nobody really wants to see her wrinkled chest and neck.

  2. My theory has been that she is taking fashion tips from Mooch.
    The FBLie raided Melania’s closet for ideas on what a classy woman would wear.
    Jill could copy, but Melania will always wear it better.

  3. Old Racist White Woman
    AUGUST 15, 2022 AT 10:30 AM
    “She’s not wearing it correctly, it’s supposed to be pulled down below the shoulders. ”

    …I’d prefer they pull it up over her head.

    Then tie it off.

    Like any other trash bag.

  4. SNS, I agree and after you saying that it does kind of look like a trash bag the way she’s wearing it.

  5. I’ve seen several presidents in my lifetime who aged rapidly while in office. First ladies have been exempt until now. This bitch looks 15 years older than she did in 2020. My guess it’s karma and guilt…..and trying to hide Brandon’s incompetence 24/7.

  6. Brandon dresses like Pee Wee Herman and Taco Jill dresses like a nursing home prostitute. She is mummifying at an alarming rate.

  7. The entire clan is the epitome of progressivism. They have had access to an unlimited amount of revenue for decades and live lives utterly lacking in style, class and dignity. There isn’t a one of them due respect on any level whatsoever. Water seeks its own level and this illustrates the futility of expecting terminal low bred gutter trash to use opportunities to improve its situation. Trust me on this, Hunter is what progressives aspire to. Look what he accomplished with practically unlimited financial resources pouring in. It’s all about displaying ingratitude and ingratitude is integral to progressivism.

  8. zoom in on her face (check your gag reflex) she looks exactly like Emperor Palpatine. If he wore hopelessly out if style sunglasses.

  9. That dress looks like a cheap thing from Old Navy.
    They were ugly in the 70’s, they’re ugly now.
    She’s 71 and still bleaching her hair and wearing things meant for teenagers.
    The people in our WH are embarrassing.
    They weren’t meant to be smart though.
    They’re puppets and need to be controllable.

  10. Hillary had the “Chairman Mao-styled furniture upholstery look”.
    Then came Big Mikes “Circus clown costume” Hollywood tranny look.
    Now it is Jill’s “rummage sale/bargain shopper, off the rack from Wall Mart” look. The fashion industry must secretly hate Democrats.

  11. @JDHasty
    No amount of money will buy class.

    As far as Jill’s ‘style’ goes, I’ve seen what is going to be trending for fall/winter fashion for 2022.
    Get ready ladies and gents, we can look forward to some righteous mocking of the Bidet Clan.

  12. mickey moussaoui – I vividly remember Big Mike’s boob belts whose purpose seemed to be to convince us that this incredible meat hulk was actually a woman and those two bumps on the top of the belt were breasts capable is issuing mammary juice on demand.

  13. I’m pretty sure that the FBI raided Melania’s closet so that Wray can wear Melania’s panties.

    On his head.

    While he be Toobin.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  14. I showed that photo to Teddy Kennedy last night at dinner. He recoiled and said, “Biden’s wife looks like the stand-in for Jane Fonda’s autopsy photo.”

  15. That dress????? looks like Frau Lot Lizard forgot to tell her slaves that it was laundry day. No biggie, she just had them make that hideous get-up out of a box of Joe’s Depends. If it looks & smells(gag) like white trash, it is, in fact, white trash. She gives the term “frumpy” a whole new meaning.


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