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Jill Stein Wants A Recount


Green Party Candidate Jill Stein, who received just over one percent of the national vote, has raised over $4 million to request recounts in three battle ground states.  She aims to pull in $7 million and claims to have enough now to seek recounts in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, Michigan is the third state targeted.  The deadline for filing is today in Wisconsin, while the filing date has already passed in Pennsylvania and she’ll have to go to court to try to force a recount.


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  1. Jill Stein wants a recount. FDR in Hell wants ice water.

    Lately it seems everybody wants something they’re not gonna get.

  2. Would Clinton have been elected if Jilly hadn’t run and gotten the Forever Bernie voters? I believe that the Libertarians cost Clinton many votes in some critical states. Sort of like Ralph Nader did in 2000. Isn’t a European multiparty election a wonderful thing to behold as long as we have the Electoral Collage to protect us from the tyranny of the majority.

  3. This Stein doctor, /sarc off, is a shill for Cankles. Cankles wants the recount, under made up beliefs that something looks off in the electronic voting machines…well you damned skank! they don’t use machines in Michigan. Try again. This allows her crooks into the rooms with the voting ballots, boxes, and machines where present, to further stuff, flip, etc. then recount with a big AH HA…”see we told you”. Just shoot them. While your at it, toss out (legally) every dead person ballot, every illegal alien ballot, every not registered there ballot, see what you get. Go to California and recount there, same legal rules. Cancel every duplicate + more vote by the same perps.

  4. Cankles only like young clams. Old beared ones make her gag reflex kick in and at her level of dying, that could be fatal.

  5. She lost by 10s of millions, why(Hillary) is she sticking her nose into this? She even admitted she has no proof so WTF?

    Before the election, she said she supported Trump because Hillary would start WWlll, so we know she’s a fucking two faced liar.

    Trump sure got everyone to show us what they really are didn’t he?

  6. I say again, I hope Trump gets his watchers and lawyers in those states to safeguard the counts. Remember Florida and the hanging chads, the riots breaking out, the trip to the Supreme Court to install that putz Bush? NWO, Soros, they won’t be stopped, short of some lead in the old craniums. I hear word that the NWO is getting highly pissed off at Soros for trying to steal their cause for his own further profits. Funny how the snakes turn on each other eventually. PEOTUS, please please take these latest tricks seriously! All your machinations over cabinet slots will be meaningless if the Beast steals the White House from under you. Wake up and know the swamp is rising against you.

  7. Can she just raise the money and demand a recount? I would have thought that she would have to present compelling evidence of malfeasance for a order to be issued to recount.

    When Trump gets in I hope that sometime in his Presidency he creates a commission to investigate the election process for 2016 as well as making federal rules for voting to would eliminate fraud. Hell, having to have two pieces of ID one of which being photo ID would probably eliminate half the fraud. Study Canadian voter identification law. Nobody here bitches about it and we need a piece of photo ID, a second piece of ID as well as letters addressed to you with your address on them or the official registration confirmation that was mailed to your home. Nobody bitches about it.

  8. It’s not her money. She’ll spend some and steal the rest. just like Bernie Sanders. The whores are doing everything they can to upset the Donald. Fuckem.

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