Jim Acosta’s book proves the Dear Diary Meme is spot-on

Say, remember last year when everybody started quote tweeting every one of Jim Acosta’s tweets with the words “Dear Diary?”  Last June, Neontaster started the Dear Diary Meme with this hilarious tweet.


Fun game: Try to preface any Jim Acosta tweet with the words “Dear diary,”

Jim Acosta


I tried to ask the president if he would stop calling us the enemy of the people. He did not respond.

And it wasn’t just a viral meme.  It was a pandemic.

A year later and the Dear Diary Meme is still alive and kicking.


9 Comments on Jim Acosta’s book proves the Dear Diary Meme is spot-on

  1. If it weren’t for conservatives speaking of Abilio James Acosta I wouldn’t know of him. Where is CNN on Directv? I don’t even know.

    Sounds like someone who puts herbicide on my lawn every few months. One of the help here at the plantation maybe.

  2. I just learned two words that are new to me. The author referred to JA as gormless and a prat. Ha, very fitting.


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