Jim Crow Joe


Joe Biden says the darndest things!

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Bernie Holds Up Fried Chicken In Photo With A Black Dude 😂

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  1. Joe’s senior campaign adviser sure has a no nonsense barber. I recognize the style from Parris Island.

  2. MJA, great pick! I like Mike! MAGA Mike sees the Left for what it really is. The Left uses it’s Liberal Privilege to get away with BS that no one else could.

    The Left uses it’s Liberal Privilege to weaponize EVERYTHING, against the rest of us.

    I’d like to see Mike do a video on the history of the Democrat Party: slavery, Jim Crow segregation, racism, corruption, socialism. Did I miss anything?

  3. “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” – Jim Crow Joe

  4. More and more cleared eyed blacks are dismissing the indoctrination and viewing the democrats for the manipulating frauds they are. Hopefully soon we’ll see a significant shift in thinking and the stranglehold broken.

  5. The Biden nickname I prefer is Greezy Joe Biden.

    “Greezy” brings to mind the ashy residue glop at the bottom of a charcoal grill the morning after a drunken evening BBQ filled with cheap rum, 30-pack beer, fistfights and grilled chicken-pork-beef-roadkill

    It perfectly depicts the sort of politician who is so repellent that you count your fingers & jewelry after shaking his hand and then wipe your hand on your pantsleg to get the stank off.

  6. This guy is awesome.

    Biden stood by a traitor for 8 years.

    All you need to know. The rest of his corruption is gravy.

  7. Great video. Finally, some black Americans are going back to their conservative political roots, established by Frederick Douglass. Credit definitely belongs to President Trump for helping some black Americans realized they’re been treated like crap by Demoncrats for decades – the true definition of “woke”.

  8. Bernie and Joe: “Hey black folks, we’ze got some fry-ad chicken just lak you folks been eaten’. We gots the collard greens a cookin’up over here. We stopped and picked up some watermelons too, bros. Look, we gots the NBA finals on TV, and after that, we’ll do a little dancin’for y’all”.


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