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Jim Gilmore (R) 2016 Candidate Profile

jim gilmore republican 2016

Gilmore endorsed an award given to Jamal Barzinji, an Islamist radical investigated for links to Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.


The presidential race for 2016 is gearing up and candidates are preparing themselves for the upcoming campaign. As each candidate announces their intention to run, Clarion Project will provide a summary of each candidate’s positions on issues relating to Islamic extremism in order to help our readers make the most informed possible choice on election day. Should there be any significant changes, we intend to update our readers on the positions of any given candidate.

As Clarion is a bipartisan organization, we will not be endorsing any party or any candidate. All information provided is intended as informative only and should not be taken as evidence of Clarion’s preference for any given candidate.

Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore said on July 8, 2015 that he would seek the Republican presidential nomination. The following is the Clarion Project‘s compilation of Gilmore’s positions related to Islamist extremism. It will be updated as the campaign develops.  MORE

7 Comments on Jim Gilmore (R) 2016 Candidate Profile

  1. Most of these lifelong politicians that are running for the ultimate power trip, do not stand a snowball’s chance in hell. It is just their chance to try to stay relevant, in the camera’s eye and in other people’s pockets.

  2. This guy epitomizes the reason Trump is killing the GOP. Jackasses.

  3. cause that R really stands for Republican, right? or for a D? or for an S


    Subversive In Action Only

    Soros buck worth more than iOTW bux

  4. Speaking as a resident of the Old Dominion. DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY IDIOTS FROM VIRGINIA!!! The Mother of Presidents has dried up of any worthwhile contenders and her last offering (Wilson) was a the first nail in the progressive coffin we are fighting to get out of. Bob McDonnell was a good contender, but somehow managed to get prosecuted for campaign donations that wouldn’t have even made McAuliffe or Clinton or Emmanuel or Bloomberg bat an eyelash.

    Gilmore was a retardedly pitiful governor, Webb is a turn-coat republican, Kaine was so stupid they made him the DNC chairman, Warner was a businessman but now is just a Cool-aide drinker,and let’s not even talk about macaca Allen.


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