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Jim Jones/Bernie Sanders

“I love socialism, and I’d be willing to die to bring it about, but if I did, I’d take a thousand with me.” Jim Jones,  September 6, 1975

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  1. Poor man’s poor Bernie because he doesn’t want to work.
    To the working poor scraping by, need an ecenomic climate open to improve their income through more education (not indoctrination) to better their chances of a higher paying job. However Bernie if you zap the proactive, via heavy taxation, you’ve shot yourself in the foot. Let the poor work, and with opportunities to up and up, as it’s available. That’s right Bernie, competition.

  2. Socialism is a vast sea of impoverished slaves with a small outcropping of oligarchs in the shadow of their dictator.

    Only fools, retards, or those hoping to be that outcropping would subscribe to such a malevolent, pernicious, mendacious system of oppression.

    Murdered upwards of 100 Million people in the 20th century, alone.

    Course if you add infanticide by PP, &c, you’re closing in on 150-200 Million souls.

  3. I sure hope no college students heard that. He said “Chinaman.”
    Hey kids: Run for the freaking hills. Your safe space just got nuked.

  4. Jones was intelligent an evil. He knew some truths about politics and lots of other issues, but his megalomania superseded any benevolence that could be derived from those truths. His sole purpose was complete control and socialism fit the bill.
    The frog in a pot analogy is a perfect description of socialism. By the time the Jone’s camp realized the danger, they were already on the boil. Those who resisted or tried to stop the slaughter were shot – which is a communist tactic.
    Sanders would have no problem with anything Jones did in the Guyanian jungle and it makes Sanders very dangerous.
    Obama, a dedicated Marxist and devout Muslim has already done enough damage to cause the United States, as we know it, to no longer exist. Praying God will continue to be merciful and not give up on this nation.

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