Jim Jordan Ends Ambassador Taylor’s Career

*spicy language*

There isn’t much else that could go wrong with the 2019 Democrat fake ones blitzkrieg to impeach President Donald Trump – and one of the tastier of said implosions was the appearance of Ambassador Taylor before the sham Schiff “inquiry” on Day 1 of the “hearing.”

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan (R) – having literally destroyed people as a two-time D1 Wrestling National Champion – saw fit to metaphorically introduce Ambassador Taylor’s head to Ambassador Taylor’s lower GI tract, effectively ending the inquiry before it could even Bidensniff a preteen.

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  1. A truly brilliant man. Jim Jordan is amazing and so adept at cutting through all the extraneous gobbly gook we are hearing to get to the nuggets of truth. I love to watch someone play 3D chess with someone struggling to play checkers.

    He has a mind that is greatly to be admired, and I am soooo glad he is on our side and working so hard to blow up this ridiculous farce for all the interested people to see.

  2. But NONE of the sound bites that make it to the news shows from the Democrat Media Mafia will include any of this.

  3. Now that would be a real sight to see the Øbamboozler bent in half and have his pituitary shake hands with his own anus! (not that he hasn’t done it before)
    Like Hank Hill sez: And that’s sumthin you pay good money for!

  4. I hope John Ward does the VINDMAN deposition, too…
    …now THAT would be amazing…Court Martial material, sedition….

  5. No wonder President Trump wants to take a flame thrower to the ensconced bureaucratic bumbling boobs of foreign service.
    Fire them all, O’Baja did.
    After the full nelson, distinctly saw Taylor tap out.

  6. My encounter with Jim Jordan was quite memorable. I was seated at a breakfast when he came and sat next to me. I rose to shake his hand but he said, “Sit down. You pay MY salary.” Quite a nice guy and very engaging. A memorable hour.

  7. I don’t know … sure feels like the Demonrats were willing dupes in some kind of Trump plan – like catching a monkey with an orange inside a narrow-mouthed crock – the monkey simply WON’T let go! And the Dems can’t let go – it’d be an admission of Treason.
    You (I) keep axin y’seff (m’seff): “Can they really be that fuckin stupid?”
    Possible that they really are stupid, I guess, but the ENTIRE caucus?

    Wobbles the mind!

    izlamo delenda est …


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