Jim Jordan Opening Statement: “They Are Attacking Bill Barr” to Protect Themselves From “Obama Spying Operations” – IOTW Report

Jim Jordan Opening Statement: “They Are Attacking Bill Barr” to Protect Themselves From “Obama Spying Operations”

Conservative Treehouse: During his opening statement House Judiciary Ranking Member Jim Jordan outlines the real motive for Democrats to go on the attack against U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr.

As Jordan notes the political left writ large is desperate; the biggest scandal in American political history is staring them in the face; the leftists have no option except to attempt to attack the person who would hold the key to accountability.   WATCH:

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  1. I totally trust Jim Jordan. That makes two in the Fed gov. Him and Trump. Maybe Barr should perp walk a mutha fxcker or two and light this candle. I mean really, wtf? We’ve been hearing any day now for too many days. Shit or get off the pot, as my Iowa mom farm girl use to say.

  2. Brad, then she knew the cow (sow?) had to be milked first.

    So, when I think of Congress now, I think of this song: (was going to post on the other thread, but why not, since I just played it on my keyboard:)

    🎹 🎵 🎶

    Buffalo Hank: Say kids, what time is it?
    Kids: It’s House Kabuki Time!

    It’s House Kabuki Time.
    It’s House Kabuki Time.
    Buffalo Kabuki too
    Say Kabu-KI to you!
    Let’s give a rousing cheer,
    Cause House Kabuki’s here,
    It’s time to start the show,
    So kids let’s go!

    (In the 50’s, it was a better show than Congress is now.)

  3. Jim Jordan totally shined in these hearings. He always speaks with a slight hint of humor behind his statements which adds a warmth to his remarks. Being likable goes a long way to get points across especially when he’s contrasted with the angry snarling democrats.
    Jordan has become a highly effective advocate.

  4. Attorney General Barr and Congressman Jim Jordan know what’s about to slap the Dementiacrats across their Jabberwockies and so do all the Dementiacrats on this collection of Congressional Co-Conspirators. If this travesty of a Congressional Hearing didn’t convince the honest attorneys in the Department of Justice to get into high gear nothing will happen before the election.

  5. “…honest attorneys in the Department of Justice…”??? Say what Willis? Are those like the “good agents” in the FBI we hear so much about?

    Besides Jordan, don’t forget Ton Cotton and Josh Hawley. Cotton apparently is about the only Senator that hasn’t been bought off by the Chinese and Hawley is the only Congressman raising hell about google, fb and Twitter’s censorship.

    Granted a phone booth sized group but that’s about all we have…Tucker too.

  6. MMinAR: An honest US Attorney cleared General Michael Flynn of the false charges that he had lied to the FBI, and John Durham’s integrity has never been questioned by anyone who knows him. The appointment of US Attorney John Bash to investigate the unmasking (spying) on Osmidgen’s political opponents must have given Susan Rice, Samantha Power and Ben Rhodes ample reason to stop appearing on television programs. Each one of these US Attorneys have had dozens of honest investigators working for them on these cases. The Osmidgen-Obiden cabal had eight years to create this seditious mess, and Attorney General Barr has only been in office since February 2019. It’s a deep swamp out there. Who else would you have to replace Jefferson Beauregard Sessions and Rod Rosenstein?

  7. To answer your last question, I’d have appointed Joe DeGeneva AG is a heart beat. He and his wife are fearless, plugged in and would have had these rats scurrying for cover the day he was sworn in.

    You may not question Durham’s integrity, and I’m not, I’m sure he’s dotting every fucking i, but take a look at his past criminal referrals. Yeah he nailed a couple FBI bad guys in Boston but their actions were known and innocent people were sentenced to death or life and the man behind all of that and the informant nightmare was…Mueller. Yeah that Mueller and NOTHING happened to him despite those very same wrongly imprisoned and nearly executed(I believe 1 guy died in prison) won a $100 MILLION lawsuit against the FBI.

    So tell me more about the line around the block of all those “honest attorneys in the Department of Justice” because I sure ain’t seeing any fruits of their “labor”

  8. Something that seems to have been forgotten in this nearly five years’ clusterfuck is the toll it has taken on the psyches of honest, trying-to-survive, decent Americans. It would be one thing if this was just a fight among themselves — the Congressional McBickersons — but it isn’t. The Democrats, particularly, are like a drunk next door neighbor who constantly argues at the top of their lungs with the windows open for all to hear. It’s very wearing. They’ve put everyone on edge. They rob the country of our peace of mind. Their bizarre legislative behavior and false, politically-motivated accusations and pronouncements undermine our economy, the health of which has a direct, material effect on the financial well-being of all Americans.

    The collective hive-mind of the entire Democrat “family”, from their elders in D.C., to the babies in city councils is dysfunctional beyond belief — and beyond help. What else can one say to describe people who are so selfish, so filled with self-righteous hatred, so ignorant, and so unashamed of their behavior before the public?

    There’s no getting around it: there’ll be no peace and happiness in this country until the Democrats are evicted or decide to move somewhere else.

  9. Marco — Lately I’m more in line with MMinAR’s line of thinking.

    Barr knew he was going to be accused of being a shill for POTUS Trump and his campaign — that was the entire point of yesterdays’ oversight meeting. It’s wasn’t a surprise to Barr and he (and his staff) had plenty of time to mount an offensive. Hell, all he had to say was “Eric Holder called himself Obama’s ‘wing man’ and that he was ‘hangin’ with his ‘boy’.”

    But he didn’t. I don’t necessarily blame Barr for being Barr — the sedate, unflappable, elder judge — but now is not the time for the Queensberry rules. We need an AG who will take off the gloves against these bare-knuckled street fighters. I’d much prefer to see someone with the temperament of Trump himself. And after the debacle of Sessions, I’m having a hard time understanding — beyond the idea that we need to restore law and order in the DoJ — why Trump didn’t hire someone who would strike fear in the hearts of the Democrats.

  10. MNinAR: Joe DeGenova and his wife, Victoria Toensing, are great legal and political commentators, but neither one could have handled yesterday’s House Judiciary Committee Hearing better than Attorney General Barr. Trump should have fired everyone of Osmidgen’s Deep State Swampers during his first day in office.

  11. AbigailAdams: The Dementiacrats were trying to get Attorney General Barr into making a scene or stomping out of the Hearing Room. He didn’t take the bait. Who do you think looks completely unhinged, the Republicans or Nadler’s Nattering Nabobs of Negativism? If the Dementiacrats believe they won the sound bite battle yesterday, they never will regain their sanity after President Donald J. Trump wins re-election.

  12. I don’t agree. Joe DeGeneva would have handled that bullshit yesterday much differently.

    And if you want to get into should’ves and could’ves, hiring Wray was a weapons grade fuck up. Both the DOJ and FBI are beneficiaries of decades of teacher’s unions cranking out millions of ill informed young adults. Colleges too. There’s literally no hope for these institutions.

    How many 100s if not 1,000s of mid level employees of these 2 organizations are just holding their mouths, biding their time until Trump is gone? You think McCabe, Strok, Yates…et.al are outliers?? Do you read sundance?

    We didn’t need an unflappable AG, we needed someone to set these scumbags’ hair on fire.

  13. Stoic, unflappable, and measured is one description.
    Meek, cowering and defensive is another.

    We need a lion not a sheep staked out for prey.

  14. Everybody: If Attorney General William Barr had acted much differently, Nadler would have won the Battle of the Sound Bites. They want to start an Impeachment Case against Attorney General Barr, and he’s not playing their game. Nadler and his Gang of Gunsels want to taint US Attorneys John Durham and John Bash with being partisan hacks so they can attack the results of their investigations. None of the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee are criticizing Barr’s demeanor or his behavior, especially Congressman Jim Jordan. They think he won the day against the Nadler’s Lunatics.

  15. Marco — He may well have won the day and this battle. I guess we’ll have to soldier on to see if he wins the war.

    The one thing that upsets me the most is that he’s Wray’s boss and he hasn’t fired him yet. Considering the latest revelations out of the FBI, specifically Wray, why not?


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