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Jim Jordan says 14 FBI whistleblowers have come forward

Wa Ex:

More than a dozen FBI whistleblowers have come forward to Republican investigators in Congress, according to Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH).

The congressman, who is the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, told Fox News host Trey Gowdy the number has risen to 14 after the FBI raid at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

During a conversation about alleged politicization at the Justice Department, along with former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, Jordan made the case that the U.S. public has “figured it out” when it comes to the Left generating a lie, “Big Media” reports the lie, Big Tech amplifies the lie, and then they pile on Republicans when they catch on and say something. He said there are agents in the bureau who have realized the same.

“Fourteen FBI agents have come to our office as whistleblowers, and they are good people,” Jordan said. “There are lots of good people in the FBI. It’s the top that is the problem. Some of these good agents are coming to us, telling us what is baloney, what’s going on — the political nature now of the Justice Department — God bless them for doing it — talking about the school board issue, about a whole host of issues.” more here

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  1. When you have had enough.
    Hope the rest do the right thing.
    Don’t be a useful idiot, the Communist always kill the upper and lower levels after they’re done with them.
    Yes, I know you are getting a fat check.
    Do the right thing and Schindler them.
    He was a real hero.

  2. It is really something when a sitting US congressman says “some” FBI agents are good. That tells me he is admitting the majority are bad. Something I already knew, but nice to hear it from him.

  3. Hey outside poop receptacle. Nobody reads your crap, nor visits your scam page. Living in India or Pakistan must be a thrill, but just give it up already.

  4. …so..let’s hear from them.


    Don’t piss around and give them time to recant or “commit suicide”.

    Too long we’ve heard “tick tock”.

    Blow these bastards up NOW.

    or shut up and stop showing your cards.


  5. SNS

    They memorialize their testimony. And then depending on the severity of the perceived danger, they may put them in a witness protection plan.
    I think by all means put the freaken DOJ on notice. Apply all the pressure we can. People make mistakes when they’re under pressure. Check out my link above with Pitel and Nunes. It’s been the same core group pulling this shit since Benghazi. Hillary’s Hench men.

  6. Brad
    AUGUST 15, 2022 AT 6:39 PM

    …I get what you’re saying and you do make sense, but I know you’ve got to be as sick of the inaction on our side as I am. They do evil after evil, so much we can’t even keep track of it all, and we never answer them but to threaten, maybe, something will be done, sometime, then take some verbal shots for the ol’ campaign and compose a sternly worded letter.

    It seems like they could publicly execute President Trump and all Congressional Republicans would do is tish their fingers at Democrats and then go back to mimimg shockedness as the mass arrests of citizens begins.

    SOMETHING has to break. SOON.

    Or we will ALL be broken.

  7. SNS

    Oh yea, I understand your point. In reality 75% of elected Repubs hate him. He’s screwing up a sweet deal for all these leaches. I’m impressed with the new crop of young faces running for office. The ones he’s endorsed give me hope. But meantime the more that can be exposed about what’s going on and who’s doing, the better. Because Fuck those guys.


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