Jimmy Carter in hospital with pressure on the brain

Most of the dems have pressure on the brain. It’s called Trump.


Jimmy Carter is back in the hospital and will have a procedure to relieve pressure on his brain Tuesday morning, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The problem is related to bleeding caused by his recent falls, including two in October. The procedure will take place at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, and neither the hospital nor the Carter Center divulged much except to say that Carter, 95, was resting comfortably with wife Rosalyn at his side, per the AP.

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  1. from the article …. “Carter has fallen at least three times this year, and the first incident in the spring required hip replacement surgery. He traveled to Nashville, Tennessee, and helped build a Habitat for Humanity home after getting 14 stitches following a fall on Oct. 6. And he was briefly hospitalized after fracturing his pelvis on Oct. 21. He received a dire cancer diagnosis in 2015 but survived and has since said he is cancer-free.”

    are you fookin’ kidding me? this rat bastard survives a hip replacement, a fractured pelvis & a 14-stitch head injury at 95 …. AFTER being cured of cancer in 2015!!!
    … & Ruth Buzzie Ginsberg is cured of, not one, but THREE DIFFERENT cancers

    best healthcare taxpayer money can buy … if you or I would get any ONE of these injuries, or cancers at their age we’d be dead within a year

    so sick of this shit!

  2. Kinda liked the guy in my politically naive days. Didn’t take long to figure out he was a nice guy but a political basket case. Hopeless, useless, worthless President. And that wife of his? Geez, gimme a phukkin break. Gaaaaaack. Obama made Jimmuh look not too bad. You commies really know how to pick’em.

  3. Pressure on the brain means a subdural hematoma i.e. blood in rhe space around the brain. Likely traumatic after the falls. Won’t be long now

  4. I feel your pain, ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ. Hoping for good news about Jimmah going towards the light, but I had to repent. God is sovereign – His decision. Yet, someday…someday…
    Carter and Ginsberg both look like creepy crypt keepers (not attractive in the first place) and their evil statist and progressive legacies have corrupted this great country. Their hearty longevity is a tormenting constant reminder of the damage.
    BTW, your rant was serious but the delivery made me, LOLOLOL! Try to hang in there.

  5. Fukkin bullshit!
    Carter’s evil – EVIL!
    Incompetent, my ass.
    Obola wasn’t incompetent either – nor was Stalin – nor was Hitler – we’ll be cleaning up after Obola’s depredations for years – haven’t gotten the totalitarian infestation out of the FBI, NSA, CIA, and IRS, yet.

    Carter’s a mean-spirited, petty, lying sack of monkey-shit who did everything in his power to destroy this country.
    Political results are the RESULTS of political actions – see how that works?
    Political results aren’t a plague – they’re not some shit that falls out of the sky – they are the direct results of conscious acts by conscious people.

    That politicians lie doesn’t make it any less true.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Get well President Carter. Pity he wasn’t provided with wisdom to guide our nation and country; his failure did pave the way for President Reagan. Don’t be too hard on Jimmy, as no one rules except by the will of G_D, and His ways are not always understood by us.

  7. There was an article on IOTW a while back about Jimma’s accidents. I commented then that Jimma has the Trump curse. I think Jimma is on borrowed time. Even his habitat homes fall apart.

    Ps I mentioned then that he made our lives miserable when he was President. We were a struggling young family. Inlation and gas shortages did a number on us. Go to hell Jimma.


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