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Jimmy Carter Leaves Christianity

Jimmah says – “Women and girls have been discriminated against for too long in a twisted interpretation of the word of God.”

 “I am also familiar with vivid descriptions in the same Scriptures in which women are revered as pre-eminent leaders,”  (but he fails to cite said passages.)  The only prominent women I can remember mentioned prominently in the new testament are Phoebe and Dorcas. –



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  1. can someone just please kick this dipwad in the ‘nads? …. I’m luv to do it, but my taxpayer funded Secret Service detail won’t let me

    what a sanctimonious shitstain this asshole always has been

  2. Follow your black heart, Jimmah. You never were the sharpest knife in the drawer so this level of ignorance is not a big surprise really. And a horrible American president, as hard core lefties are.

  3. And yet, none of these liberals can find a single thing to complain about with ISLAM.


  4. Revealing his grasp on the Scriptures is just as firm as his understanding of the US Constitution.
    He’s not just a failed President; now he’s a false prophet as well.

  5. Shove a bag of peanuts up your ass, Rabbit Bait. Only a super idiot rejects God when has both feet dangling over the grave.

    Uber moron.

  6. I doubt he ever actually believed in God. He just went to church for all these years for political purposes, just like obummer.

  7. Whatever, Jimmah. I guess your Ramadan fast makes you cranky. Say, why didn’t your asshole punk grandson run for the Sixth Dustrict instead of Ossoff? I guess nothing below the rank of Governor will suit him now.

  8. Anyway, thanks for making official what has been obvious for years. Along those lines, perhaps you can get Obama to announce he is leaving heterosexuality.

  9. Well, it seems ol’ Jimmeh has gone native. I tried to read through his treatise about leaving the Southern Baptist Convention (not the Christian religion altogether), but when I came to this passage, I couldn’t read further:

    “The Elders are [and Carter] an independent group of eminent global leaders, brought together by former South African president Nelson Mandela, who offer their influence and experience to support peace building, help address major causes of human suffering and promote the shared interests of humanity.”

    It is painfully difficult to understand how anyone who was once the “Leader of the Free World” knows about as much as a college freshman about the true persona of Nelson Mandella and what he believes in.

    This is all I need to know about the second worst president of the U.S.

  10. Mr. Peanut always struck me as a goody two shoes, sanctimonious, holier than thou type of Christian. You know the kind who gives real Christians a bad name. The kind of Christian who has no joy, is a perpetual sourpuss and has to be constantly involved in your life telling you that you’re not doing it right according to his being a buttinski and the kind of guy who thinks his shit doesn’t stink but yours does. And to think I was snookered into voting for this clown twice because it was the Christian thing to do.

  11. Jimmy, America would like our Panama Canal back, the pro-Western Shah you deposed back on the Persian Throne, and something, anything positive to remember from your 4 miserable years.

    Both feet in the grave. Still a fool, to the end.

  12. For all their faults, IFBs (independent fundamental Baptists) split off from the SBC decades ago because of its creeping liberalism, among other things. Now Carter splits but goes the other direction.

  13. Can we rename the ship USS Jimmy Carter?
    Or better yet, evacuate the crew and turn it into a target ship. Sink that bitch.

  14. What a load of crap.Womens got it
    good in this country compared to
    many countries in the world{and that many
    countries list is growing,including Europe}.

  15. To quote Bob Dylan:

    Idiot wind
    Blowing every time you move your mouth
    Blowing down the back roads headin’ south
    Idiot wind
    Blowing every time you move your teeth
    You’re an idiot, babe its a wonder that you still know how to breath.

  16. Two things:
    1. The title of the article is flat out deceptive. Stop it! We have the liberal Fake News Media for lies. I do not see anywhere where he is leaving Christianity, rather he is leaving a church/denomination. That is a BIG difference.
    2. JC is a huge anti-Semite and for that he will answer to God. He is also a huge liberal and as such will have to explain to God where his views and Gods Holiness are not in sync. He should be more repetant.

  17. That goofball is in Lucifer’s On-Deck Circle.
    You can bet your ass he’s going to lust after Amelia Earhart, which will not sit well with Eleanor. 👿

  18. Jimmy the dhimmi, let us ship your ass to the iran
    you created because you were a fucking moron. The
    American taxpayers will fund a one way ticket.

  19. Jim, you old fool, what you have done is not undone except for by your own mouth and heart. Be prepared (you can never be) for eternal separation from God. From everything good and light and safe. You foolish, foolish fool.

  20. What a sanctimonious tool.
    Jimmah’s religiosity is much like his Habitat For Humanity project, prime all 4 walls in Commie Red and finish with a top coat of Social Justice Green.

  21. In a righteous and fair world, that headline would have read “Jimmy Carter Leaves This Mortal Coil”. That bastard belongs in Hell with his buddies Arafat and Khomeini.

  22. He was so bad, rabbits wanted to kick his ass.

    How bad do you have to be that rabbits want to kick your ass and will swim after your dumb ass to do it?

    He was beta to bunnies.

  23. Carter’s brain is as empty as his suitcases were when he was in office.

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