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Jimmy Kimmel has the Coof again


Jimmy Kimmel has tested positive for COVID-19 again.

Not long after recovering from his early May diagnosis, Kimmel revealed on Twitter Tuesday that he’s once again testing positive. Because of this, he is tapping John Mulaney and Andy Samberg to guest host Jimmy Kimmel Live! in his place.

“I’m such a positive person, I tested positive AGAIN. I am feeling fine,” he said. “The great John @Mulaney & Andy Samberg @TheLonelyIsland have graciously agreed to host @JimmyKimmelLive for me tomorrow.” more

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  1. So how many boosters has this asshole gotten by now? And how many more will it take before he finally figures out that the fucking things don’t work?

  2. Nice health you got there. It would be a shame if sumptin’ was to happen to it.
    – Fauci, CDC, NHAID, Jo Xiden

  3. Jimmy Kimmel is one of their best liars or true believer for his demographic. That why he makes $15 Million a year.

  4. I remember what this asshole said about Trump when he came up with it. I’ll say the same thing. I hope the SOB dies.

  5. BOOST this cry bully again!

    Boost him til it hurts

    Boost him til it works.

    Boost him til he can’t be boosted no more.


    Keep the populace thinking that the RONA is still a huge threat. Those that desire to control us have to bridge between now and early November to confirm in the minds of the proletariat that it will be too dangerous to vote in person.

    True believers like Kimmel are very willing to perform functions like this for the party. But he’s too ignorant to realize that these actions put him at the top of the list for elimination when the reset has been accomplished. He’d have had to read some history to know that.

  7. Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Kimmel … I’ve heard that name … Oh, Yeah! One of the Nihilistic/Socialist propaganda maggots! Sort of a cut-rate Josef Goebbels?
    That the guy? Thinks he’s funny? Not “ha-ha” funny?
    We need to make a list and keep it updated.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Let’s be fair here. It may seem like those who are fully jabbed are now catching covid in a regular mRnstrual cycle, but that is because all of the celebrities are fully jabbed, and there isn’t anybody cool to show us how natural immunity is just as ineffective as the jabs.


  9. Kimmel thinks he doesn’t have to wash his hands after using the bathroom; he’s had the vaxxx!

  10. “… he’s once again testing positive.”
    Does that imply that he wasn’t ill and he just “tested” positive?
    Or did the dickhead actually get sick?
    Unless the test has been improved, it tests for SARS-2 not CoVid-19 and the SARS-2 type Corona viruses are responsible for everything from the common cold to the Avian flu, the Swine flu, and the Coof.
    ALL the media reportage is vague and stuffed with a heavy load of BULLSHIT.

    I don’t much GAF if this asshole drops dead, but the story could certainly be clearer.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Repeated Covid attacks. God wants to bring him in for questioning.

    God: Kimmel, why are you such an arsehole?

    Kimmel: Who the Hell are you? You’re nothing to me.

    God: I created you, but you turned into a miserable, unhappy moron.

    Kimmel: If you made me, you also made Covid. You’ve killed millions, Mr. Mean.

    God: I gave my children intelligence and freedom – you have all done this to yourself by misusing the gifts I gave to you.

    Kimmel: I’m out of here, I don’t have to listen to your crap, old man. You think you’re God, but you’re just a nut in white robes. Buzz off and leave me alone.

    God: St. Peter, prepare the elevator and set it to the lowest level for Mr. Kimmel.

  12. How can all these democrats and lefties be getting this dangerous virus that caused the epidemic…. But none of them get sick or expire?
    And no republicans or conservatives contract it?

    What a scam

  13. Kimmel – a blind puppet of the left. He’s positively evil. He’ll stick to the Covidian script of lies that the jab is safe and Covid is deadly than the flu and not a variant of the cold virus.

    The left is making their Demwit followers even more stupid and paranoid with this Covid positive drama – just as planned.

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