Jimmy’s Fridge

We love it when the contest winners show us their prizes “in the wild.”

Jimmy won a (singular) magnet. But our sponsor sent him TWO! (By sponsor, I mean one of our awesome readers who donated them to iOTW.) ((I don’t know what they cost, but if anyone feels they need one, I’ll find out.))

Jimmy’s reward is not over. Jimmy doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to be tasked to come up with a contest idea, and then judge it.

The winner will be receiving the Trump Derangement Syndrome ribbon –

-which is a ribbon that raises awareness about the devastating effects of being a leftist loon.

Stay tuned.


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  1. …congrats, @Jimmy.

    …if you need a starter idea, how about a WWCS (What Would Cortez Say) contest, showing “thought” bubbles from the heads of prominent, geriatric Democrats trying to imagine how Ahole Cortez would answer a question in a bid to reach millenials to save their dying power?

    …just a thought…

  2. “Jimmy doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to be tasked to come up with a contest idea, and then judge it.”

    I did not know that!

    But I do now. Holy crap, the pressure is on!

    (Great suggestion, Supernightshade.)


    As a warm-up, here’s some of what I was thinking when I submitted my picture to BFH. But what do you think it all means? Choose all that apply:

    (a) He finally has proper male adornments.

    (b) His refrigerator is looking pretty bristol these days.

    (c) The outside is nice but the inside is probably a mess.

    (d) His nad’s are YUGE chick magnets !

    (e) Large balls, small penis.

    (f) Small balls, large penis.

    (g) He’s kissing Fur’s Buttigeig.

    (h) He obviously thinks iOTWReport ROCKS !

    (i) He loves contests, and so do you.

    (j) Elect that MF’er again!

  4. BTW, suggestions are welcome!


    “THIS WEB SUCK” must be avoided.

    (Note Supernightshade’s comment above.)

    -Original Jimmy

  5. Jimmy, just so you know, our sponsor/reader is a terrific person.

    Your pop quiz: c, g and h … I’m not even going to guess about d, e and f; but I love ya, anyway! 😉

  6. I’m guilty of trying to keep this thread visible as it leaves the front page. Is this bad?

    The last time I proposed a ‘Pop Quiz,’ I never provided the correct answer (on purpose – hmmm). But here, at least a partial answer key is in order:

    (b) Correct.

    (c) Incorrect. Hey, I’m a well-organized engineeer and my fridge is spotless, though nearly empty because, if I buy it, I’hll eat it, and right now I’m relatively close to basketball weight. (I know… Lah-tee-fricken-dah! Coffee!!)

    (g) Is patently incorrect as I understand doing that is protected by a BFH Patent. Some of you won’t believe this. The guy is that good,

    (h), (i) and (j) are correct. (i) is particularly correct because without it, we all know you have no chance at Winning! Most of us here know what Winning! is, right? Right?

    Let’s save our country.

  7. ^ It is in a nearly perpetual state of planned, near-emptiness, yes. The cupboards are full, however.

    Wait. You might have meant to submit a (k) entry. If so, Incorrect!

    I’ll wait for your favorite contest suggestion, Mr. Burr!

  8. Contest?

    Hang on…still trying to figure out why you don’t have butterscotch snak-pac puddin’ cups in the fridge…

    J… the correct answer is the letter J.

    Anyway, all I’m sayin’ is that an empty fridge is usually a sign of emotional distress… or poverty. Possibly both.

    That doesn’t seem very “Jimmy”. Snac-Pac that bitch up.

  9. ^ Or the stubborn, Irish-like, self-control of a carboholic. Wait. Irish self-control is debatable. Bread!

    There are meats and salad fixins in there for two days. Plus, I eat out quite a bit. (But good habits are important upon retirement. I have grand kids…)

    But I’m touched, Aaron!

  10. Claims to have grand kids and yet also admits to having no butterscotch snac-pac puddin’ cups in the fridge….


  11. @Just pass’n thru:

    If by chance you have seen me elsewhere on the web, I am the ‘Jimmy’ that originated the phrase:

    “When a Conservative tongue in your cheek is better than a Liberal one in your ass.”

    Yeah, that Jimmy.

    And, no, I didn’t win a prize for that. (And I’m not terribly proud of it, either.)

  12. ^ By an angel, perhaps, Joe, if I were so lucky. So your (k) entry is Incorrect! (And, in a sense worthy of a Feynman, “It’s not even wrong.”)

    (And pick-up your hair plug.)

  13. @Bobcat:

    You’re getting warm, for a Schedule (K)-type.

    (Oh, crap. Taxes are due and 1913 was a very bad year.)

  14. Two Winners! in my POP QUIZ! They are:

    Aaron Burr

    Second Place goes to Supernightshade for their terrific suggestion.

    Honorable mention / participation trophies go to everyone who commented! (Okay now to emit “Woo Hoo!” sounds.)

    Judging rules:

    (j) had to be selected. If you also included True items in the list, that was fine, too. Or, your Contest suggestion was so good, it was inspiring!

    If you don’t think engineers make good judges, just wait ’til you see the judging rules to my upcoming contest!


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