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Jindal Issues Executive Order Banning Syrian Refugees

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But Does It Actually Mean Anything?

To be clear, states still retain the power to deny their own resources to the federal government, so they could potentially make settlement of refugees more difficult than it would be if the states cooperated. Nevertheless, an act of Congress — the Refugee Act of 1980 — has given Obama broad discretion to allow refugees to be admitted into the United States. The states of Texas, Louisiana and others must yield to that act.  [The rest at The Hayride]


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  1. Someone in the Navy or Coast Guard needs the balls to turn any ship away that has Syrians on it. Obama will lose his shit and this may the the lighting of the fuse we need.

  2. Look who got released?


    Karakrah is a logistics and transportation operative for militant Islamists in the United States, according to high-level law enforcement sources. He moves people, weapons, explosives, drugs, money, and other materiel to terrorist cells operating in Chicago, Brooklyn, New York and Saddle Brook, New Jersey, among other locations across the United States. More than a decade ago Karakrah smuggled drugs and weapons for the Juarez drug cartel in Mexico. In July of 2014, he was on a supply run to a militant Islamist cell operating out of a basement in Brooklyn, law enforcement sources told Judicial Watch. Before moving to Chicago sometime in 2011, Karakrah lived in Anthony, New Mexico and a suburb of El Paso.

    Can we say sanctuary cities allowed this bugger in?

  3. The executive order may be useless. But he can sue for intentional endangerment.
    Of course since 0bama is out in 14 months the suit wouldn’t have much impact other than political. Perhaps a judge could stop it.
    Oh wait, 0bama just ignores judges and that’s apparently ok.

  4. We have an extensive highway system and freedom of movement, so once these “refugees” have ingress into any part of the US, then they have access to the entire US. It’s as simple as that. These governors who are balking are scoring political points, but there is really nothing they can do to stop this debacle.

  5. States rights haven’t existed for 150 years.
    The all powerful federal GOVERNMENT dictates to the states.

    If the states disagree Tax Dollars do not flow to the states.
    Legalized Blackmail and strong arm coercion are powerful incentives for the states to buckle under.

  6. We have an extensive highway system and freedom of movement in the US; therefore, if the “refugees” have one point of ingress into the US, then they have access to all of the US. There isn’t much the governors can do other than make a symbolic stand.

  7. There have been a multitude of political catch-phrases over the years that have been over-used, obtuse or simply widely mis-used; one of them is ?The Constitution is not a suicide pact”.

    But if the current fiasco over Syrian terrorists does not perfectly illustrate exactly what that phrase means, nothing does.

    The Federal Government originally represented the common interests of the several states, but the states have been dealt out of Federal “Checks and Balances” ever since the 17th Amendment was ratified. What we are witnessing is a reawakening of the public’s awareness of what the Constitution really means, and just how far from it the Obama Regime has strayed.

  8. If most of the states stand up to 0bama and say “Fuck You!! and your refugees!!” What the hell can he do about it?

    Problem is, people don’t have the balls to fight anymore. Not even the will to demand that our country not be destroyed by this moslem/communist prick.

    We have a duty to refuse to obey any orders coming from a tyrant or enemy infiltrator.

  9. I like Jindal but how in the world is it that he has no idea this is going on in the state he governs? These savages should have been turned away before they stepped foot in the country they and Obama want to destroy.

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