Joan Baez Releases Trump Protest Song, “Nasty Man”

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Washed up 60’s folk singer Joan Baez released a new folk song this week where she attacks President Trump with her nasty attacks on this historic president.

Baez is hoping to become relevant again after her glory days in 1960. MORE

39 Comments on Joan Baez Releases Trump Protest Song, “Nasty Man”

  1. Al Capp of Little Abner fame had it right when he parodied her as Joanie Phony or Phony Joanie in his Little Abner comic strip back in the 60’s. I could never stand her and her draft dodger husband back then and she still sucks.

  2. My Freshman year Al Capp had a JFK loving America Hater named “Fony Joanhy”. she sued him. Jdge rulled in Capp’s favor my Jr year. “How could anyone believe a JFK living idiot is a”real person””!
    God bless Al Capp!

    Ive missed lilAbner for 50 years

  3. I’mSorryWho? I had no idea that no talent skank was even still alive.

    Quickly, even though her name was well known in the 60s and 70s, name 1 song. Just one.
    She was a hanger on to a now defunct and discredited movement.

  4. Joan Baez is still alive? Damn. That means I have to outlive her AND Jane Fonda. And then find out where they are buried, And drink a lot of beer…

    If I’d known I had to live that long, I’d have taken better care of myself.

  5. after 50 years of Bob Dylan still not returning her phone calls …

    now this … never did have an ounce of class, & what thimble-full of talent she had was stolen by Bobby Zimmerman

  6. “Nasty” term used by passive aggressive cunts when you’ve figured out how their bullshit works and no longer fall for it.

  7. She’s childish, ignorant, and is typical of people who sit on the sidelines and take the easy view, letting braver people make the sacrifice to protect her freedom.

    Fuck her.

  8. Ask her about the plight of the people of South Vietnam? About the plight of the Boat People? The left’s disregard for these “common people” they claimed to champion (while the draft was on) showed their utter hypocrisy and cowardice.

  9. Does everybody know what J.O.A.N. stands for?

    Jizz On A Napkin

    You’ll NEVER look at her the same way again now. 🤗

  10. Phony Joanie’s husband David Harris was a notorious draft dodger and was arrested by the Feds in 1969 and spent 2 years in a federal prison till his release in 1971. I remember reading a bull shit puff piece on them in Rolling Stone in 1972 just before I joined the Navy. I have never liked either one of them for their anti war activities during that time period. They’re no better than John effin Kerry or Hanoi Jane in my book, all of them are cowards and chickenshits.

  11. You show me a dried out raspy old cunt and I will show you virulent foaming at the mouth Trump Derangement Syndrome every time

  12. Heard that “song” this morning on a conservative radio show. The hosts were hilarious making fun of Baez and evidence of her demented, childish and pathetic TDS tantrum she calls a song. What a old has been, hippie dippy crone. The left has no shame.

  13. Farm Aid, Live Aid, This Aid, That Aid. Where’s our TDS Aid concert?

    Sing it with me…..

    We are the (deranged) world. C’mon, it’s for the children!

    Or something.

  14. All these washed up 60’s stars must talk to each other.
    There’s been a sudden outbreak of them protesting and getting themselves in the news.
    Are they bored or just trying to be relevant again?
    Or are they trying to show the hipsters how to be good hippy commies?

  15. Perhaps I’ll write a song of my own regarding Ms Baez; “Tired Old Douche Bag is Also A Tired Old Wind Bag. Forget the “shut up and sing” schpeel, just STFU already. The only people who care what you think about anything are people as stupid as you.


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